New Proposed Northern Tower at Star Casino Almost Double Height Limits

New Proposed Northern Tower at Star Casino Almost Double Height Limits

The Star casino is planning the Northern Tower of its latest Pyrmont property which will be double the height limit of the Sydney suburb draft planning rules. The tower will be a part of the firm’s $1 billion redevelopment project for the location,

The revised proposal comes after a rejection

The Star submitted this new proposal almost a year after its initial $530 million proposals for a 237-meter tall casino tower was rejected by an independent panel. The government released a new draft strategy to reshape Pyrmont. Two months after, The Star proposed a 110-meter tower at the northern end of the existing site. It also proposed a 180-meter high rise to the south, which will be built at another one of the firm’s properties on Union Street.

New Proposed Northern Tower at Star Casino Almost Double Height Limits

The 110-meter northern tower will come with a 250-room hotel and a signature restaurant. Notably, the government has only proposed height limits of 60 meters in this region. The Star noted that its new proposed height will be essential for ensuring that they create a hotel of six-star standards. It also highlighted that it would be less than half of the height of its original proposal for Ritz-Carlton.

Is the government convinced?

A planning spokesman for Labor Adam Searle said that the northern tower proposal will be “out of keeping” with the existing government planning norms. He also noted that there should a balanced and sensitive approach to planning, highlighting the recent history of the location. It is important to note that Pyrmont is one of the most populated suburbs of Australia.

The Star’s plans for the southern tower are also elaborate which include hotels, apartments, bars, restaurants, and shops. Clover Moore, the Sydney lord mayor also said that the planned towers must be investigated carefully to ensure that the sensitivity of the Pyrmont peninsula is kept in mind.

Planning Minister Rob Stokes said that the new draft strategy for Pyrmont includes 130 submissions, one of which is by The Star.

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