New Committee Will Oppose the Creation of a Casino in Virginia

New Committee Will Oppose the Creation of a Casino in Virginia

Danville, Virginia based Eric Stamps has created a political action committee to oppose the creation of a new casino in his city. The new resort is to be built by Caesars Entertainment and promises a world-class resort creating new jobs and tax revenue for the city. The resort will be built after the residents of the city vote in its favor.

Stamps argue against the casino

According to Stamps, the PAC will be opposing the creation of a new proposed project in the city by Caesars Entertainment. The Local Action PAC was formed earlier this week. The Virginia Department of Elections gave permission for it this Tuesday. Stamps commented,

“There’s a large segment of the population that feels like they’re not being heard. It’s hard for them to compete or have this voice heard against the major corporations.”

New Committee Will Oppose the Creation of a Casino in Virginia

Stamps noted that the project hasn’t specified if it is going to hire local people or allocate employees from other locations. He also questioned the total number of workplaces that may be created after the construction is over. He wants to know how the company plans on the building during the COVID-19 pandemic. The new PAC hasn’t decided its funds and budget yet. Stamps said that as soon as this is done, the committee will spend money on raising support and awareness about the casino opposition using flyers, signs, advertising, and more.

Caesars promises new tax revenue

The state officials signed an agreement for the casino development in Danville earlier this month. This agreement will allow the question of building a casino in the city on the November 3 ballot. Caesars promises to build a $400 million world-class facility in the city, should the residents for in its favor. The resort will feature 300 four-star hotel rooms complete with a spa and pool. It will offer a live entertainment venue with 2,500 seats alongside a 35,000 square-foot convention center.

Caesars said that it will create approximately 900 jobs when the construction begins. It also promises the creation of 1,300 new jobs in the city when the resort opens in 2023.

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