Kentucky May Get A New Casino and A Harness Racetrack

Kentucky May Get A New Casino and A Harness Racetrack

If things go right, Kentucky could find a new casino and a new harness racetrack on its land soon. This could be made possible via a new partnership between the Keeneland Association and the majority owners of the Kentucky Downs horse tracking track. The partners will submit an application to get a license that allows them to operate both the racetrack and the casino.

Corbin and Williamsburg selected for gaming properties

The partners plan to set up a casino in Williamsburg and a harness racetrack in Corbin. They released a press statement, highlight that they have filed an application for a racing license as well as proposed construction of a

“state-of-the-art racing facility and related track extension in Kentucky to be located in Corbin and Williamsburg, respectively. The proposed facilities will feature live Standardbred racing and historical racing machines for guests from Kentucky and beyond.”

Kentucky May Get A New Casino and A Harness Racetrack

The application may not have an easy road to approval. Kentucky has some restrictions on the type of gambling it allows. Only licensed parimutuel facilities are permitted to operate historical horseracing machine. Kentucky Downs faced much opposition when it planned to expand its offerings earlier in the year. The state has earned significantly in the eight years that the machine has been permitted. However, it is certain that there will be opposition if the state tries to bring additional options for gambling.

What does the partnership need?

The first step towards approval would be a greenlight from the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission. Once that approval is given, the partners would like to move quickly to subvert the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their businesses and communities.

Keeneland President and CEO, Bill Thomason said that the firm has dedicated resources to this region and aims to bring the project to fortition alongside its partner Kentucky Downs. He added that the project will have a positive impact on the horse racing industry of the state and also stimulate economic activity. It could help in generating new jobs and improve tourism and hospitality prospects as well.

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