British Betting and Gaming Council Furious Over Closure of Betting Shops

British Betting and Gaming Council Furious Over Closure of Betting Shops

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) recently called out the authorities for the “totally unnecessary” closure of 350 betting shops and casinos in Merseyside. The authorities closed the shops due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

New measures expected soon

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to unveil a new three-tier system of localized measures on Monday. The northern areas in the country are expected to go through the highest level of restrictions. However, a number of restrictions were announced in Liverpool on Monday, which included the closure of betting shops in the area.

British Betting and Gaming Council Furious Over Closure of Betting Shops

BGC chief executive Michael Dugher commented on the shutdown and said,

“It’s not just bad news for thousands of staff and the exchequer but for racing, which is reliant on funding from us at a time when its finances are in a perilous state.”

He added that racing has highlighted its need for increased funding and at such a time, closure of betting shops is a clear danger.

Dugher wrote a letter to the local MPs and said that 2,300 people are employed in the betting shops and casinos shut down across Merseyside. Closing down these businesses will not just threaten their survival but will also have a major impact on jobs.

Abiding by the laws

Dugher said that their members have been abiding strictly by the COVID-19 guidelines and have received approval by Public Health England. He highlighted that there is no evidence that casinos or betting shops are the source of an outbreak or have led to a rise in the number of coronavirus cases. He also said that betting shops were reopened safely last June. He said that they were classified as ‘on-essential retail’ but they are being unfairly singled out from other types of non-essential retail.

This will impact the businesses and have a negative result on the tax that they pay. He said that the 350 betting shops and six casinos located in the region should be kept open. The businesses are not looking for handouts.

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