Evoplay Entertainment Launches Its New Pachin-Girl Slot

Evoplay Entertainment Launches Its New Pachin-Girl Slot

Ukrainian game development studio Evoplay Entertainment recently announced the launch of its new instant game called Pachin-Girl. This Panchinko inspired game is being touted as the best culmination of the Eastern and Western traditions.

Pachinko-inspired game

The 1-row, 3-reel slot is inspired by the popular Japanese game Pachinko which is a cross between a slot machine and pinball game. The game features a beautiful Pachin-girl in the form of a hologram projection who will collect sparkling spheres that can be exchanged for fine gold coins and edible treats. The game features several symbols that are related to the number of extra spins in the game. This helps in increasing the chances of getting big wins in the game.

Evoplay Entertainment Launches Its New Pachin-Girl Slot

Ivan Kravchuk, the CEO of Evoplay Entertainment commented on the launch and said,

“We are thrilled to launch Pachin-girl, an innovative new instant game that fuses the best gaming traditions from the East and the West to create an action-packed entertainment adventure that will delight our fans the world over.”

First experience of Pachinko

Kravchuk noted that many people who have visited Japan haven’t had a chance to play Pachinko even though it is a very popular game there. He said that people who are looking for the ultimate Japanese experience must try Pachinko and its beautiful flashy light and interesting sound setup. The game also features a Pachin-girl who will be introducing users to a bag full of interesting prizes that could be won in the game.

The Kyiv-based developer has a growing portfolio of over 100 high-tech video slot games, instant games, and table games. Its most famous titles include Book of Keno and Wheel of Time. Its immersive football-themed game-Penalty Shootout has also been gaining popularity ever since its launch.

Evoplay Entertainment recently signed an integration deal with InPlayNet, a Malta-based iGaming platform. Now, their award-winning games will be available on the InPlayNet platform as well. It will also help the firm strengthen its European footprint.

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