Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Hints Towards Sports Betting Legalization

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Hints Towards Sports Betting Legalization

Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio is dropping hints that sports betting legalization could become a reality in the state this year. Ohio has failed to pass two competing bills in 2020 because of differences in opinions among lawmakers. However, DeWine will be happy to back a bill if it comes on his table.

Hoping for legalized sports betting

DeWine thinks that the legalization of sports betting is highly likely in 2021. It will not just give an additional option to the users to enjoy themselves while opening up a new stream of revenue for the state. Ohio has been very hesitant in starting its sports betting market. Its only neighbor to be as apprehensive is Kentucky but it is slowly warming up to the prospect of rehauling its sports betting framework.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Hints Towards Sports Betting Legalization

Ohio tried to make attempts to legalize sports betting in 2020 but the bills could not get full support. The lawmakers remained divided on the issues of licensing and regulation.

Ohio losing out to Pennsylvania

Ohio is losing precious sports betting revenue to Pennsylvania. Legal sports betting started in the state in 2018, with mobile sports betting being made available in 2019. This has helped the Keystone state attract residents from Ohio to jump the border and place bets safely while remaining in Pennsylvania borders. For this, they don’t even have to drive to a casino.

DeWine is certain that having new legislation would help them plug the leaks into the revenue and provide a safe betting experience to sports fans within the state. The revenue could be used for education in the state. He noted that casinos have been doing good in the period post-Covid-19 but if they get to engage in a fully operational sports betting industry, they will recover much faster.

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