YGAM aims to empower parents by launching Parent Hub website

YGAM aims to empower parents by launching Parent Hub website

The Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust introduces Parent Hub, a website dedicated to educating parents about the gaming industry, which includes real money casinos.

YGAM Parent Hub now online

What is Parent Hub?

Parents Hub is a website that embodies the mission and vision the responsible gaming advocacy group wants to impart to every parents of young gamers out there. 

It focuses on providing parents access to a range of information and support, encouraging them to back their children’s gaming passion and immerse themselves in the world of gaming.

Parent Hub wants its online visitors, especially parents, to avail of a gamut of custom-designed tools and resources, including a ‘Gaming Glossary’ and ‘Game Guides’ from select games across all platforms. 

The website aims to give parents a better understanding of the different mechanics and play styles available to children and young people.

Empowering parents is the primary goal of YGAM’s latest campaign as it enables them to share the beneficial information they learned from the website with their children so that these young gamers would be aware of the benefits and the hazards of online gaming.

Key People on the Parent Hub website launch

Amanda Atkinson, the head of delivery for YGAM’s parent program, said; 

“It’s been fantastic to launch the newly designed Parent Hub this week. 

“It has been a fascinating process as we have collaborated with parents, gamers, young people, academics and educators to create a website that gives enough information and support to parents without being overwhelming and inaccessible.”

Kev Clelland, director of operations at YGAM, commented:

“Our priority is safeguarding children and young people growing up in the online galaxy of gaming,” 

“A key part of this is demystifying the world of video games for parents and highlighting the many positive experiences gaming can provide while increasing their awareness of the potentially harmful aspects.

“The Parent Hub will empower parents with the knowledge and understanding to help their children access the world of gaming safely and securely.

“The team at YGAM are keen to work closely with the gaming industry here in the UK and across the world, to better support future generations of gamers and keep gaming safe for children and young people.”


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