DraftKings given green Light by Oregon Lottery Commission

DraftKings given green Light by Oregon Lottery Commission

Oregon State Lottery Commission has given the go-ahead to replace the SBTECH platform that is currently existing with the dedicated sportsbook of DraftKings. This means that Oregon Lottery will use DraftKings’ best practices that are used across the United States and the sports betting experience will be in favor of DraftKings’ business. There is expected to be a waiting period for discussions regarding the specifications of the switch from SBTECH to DraftKings.

Implications of the replacement

The SBTECH platform was used by the people from the state of Oregon for three years and Lottery Executive Director, Larry Pack is confident that the people of Oregon will be benefitted from the switch. Larry Pack has justified the switch by stating that simplification of the structure will generate a number of business benefits and player benefits on account of the new, improved experience on the DraftKings’ platform. Larry Pack also mentioned that the Oregon Lottery Commission is interested in a full switch from SBTECH platform to the ever-evolving DraftKings platform that gives a new improved iGaming and betting product and experience.

Will SBTECH really go? Implications of the switch?

DraftKings sport book platform is powered by SBTECH after DraftKings replaced Kambi with SBTECH. Even though Oregon Lottery has replaced SBTECH with DraftKings, it will work with SBTECH indirectly. Larry Pack does not expect any significant decrease in revenue on account of the switch from SBTECH to DraftKings. People will have to sign up for an account with DraftKings and this could affect the revenue of the first quarter because users may be hesitant to register for the second time and may even walk away from the platform altogether when they realize that they will have to set up new accounts with DraftKings. However, Larry Pack is confident of the long-term benefits of switching platforms because the DraftKings’ platform is familiar to users in the United States and the SBTECH platform is more European in design.

Revenue Impact of the switch

The Oregon State Lottery Commission has not experienced negative results on account of the switch of platforms. Scoreboard’s revenue touched$2.8 million in June 2021 and $2.2 million in the month of July 2021 and the sports betting handle made a revenue of $18.2 million. DraftKings has also decided to stop the daily fantasy sports from the State of Oregon in anticipation of a full switch to the DraftKings platform in the state of Oregon.

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