Marquee Event Moved From Las Vegas Strip to Texas

Marquee Event Moved From Las Vegas Strip to Texas

The Marquee event to be held next year has been moved from Las Vegas Strip to Fort Worth in Texas. Sam Gleason Commissioner and CEO of the Professional Bulls stated the move from Las Vegas Strip to Fort Worth, Texas would enable World Cup Finals that he described as the crown jewel to be held where the West begins; in the heart of the cowboy country.

Change in tradition

The move marks a change in tradition. All the past events since 1994 were held in Las Vegas with the exception of 2020 when the finals were held in Texas at Arlington on account of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions on public events in the state of Nevada. Sam Gleason Commissioner and CEO of the Professional Bulls has stated that Las Vegas, for three decades, has been an excellent host to the marquee games but there is also excitement as regards the move to Texas even as Las Vegas will host PBR marquee events in 2021.

When will the change occur

The change has been brought about after the PBR World Finals in 2021 that will be held LVCfrom November 3 – 7, 2021 at the T-Mobile arena that is located in Las Vegas. T-Mobile arena is located near Park MGM and other casinos, to the west side of the Las Vegas Strip. The next season of the competitive bull riding season of PBR “Unleash The Beast” is set to be held in January 2022 with 20 events that will be held at arenas located in Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, New York City, and Montana with the championship festival held over a period of seven days from May 13 22, 2022 in Fort Worth, Texas at the Dickies Arena.

LVCVA and the move to Texas

The Chief Marketing Officer of LVCVA, Kate Wik stated that the advertising campaign was to showcase the passion and excitement that makes Las Vegas the best arena in the world. The move of the PBR marquee championship matches to Texas from Las Vegas came in the same month that the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) released a television advertisement promoting Las Vegas as the Sports and Entertainment Capital of the World even though the LVCVA advertisement did not show any casino gambling during the thirty-second advertisement, neither in this advertisement nor in the earlier LVCVA advertisement.

The new LVCVA advertisement displays a picture of bull riding that has been dubbed by J. Ivy, a performance poet. The news release for a new advertisement by the LVCVA does acknowledge Las Vegas as home to professional bull riders as well as other athletic organizations.

Death in the bull riding fraternity

In related bull riding news, PBR announced that on account of injuries sustained at a bull riding event in Fresno, California by chest injuries sustained after being bucked off by a bull, Amadeu Campos Silva, a bull riding professionally has passed away. PBR Livestock Director, Cody Lambert, in an interview with the USA today mentioned that the death was a tragic and a freak accident that was caused when Amadeu Silva came off, got his spur tangled up, .leading him under the bull’s leg after being turned upside down.

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