Future Anthem introduces Anthem Amplifier

Future Anthem introduces Anthem Amplifier

Future Anthem launches Anthem Amplifier, powered by Anthemetrics AI, with the intention of predicting the gaming patterns and behaviors of players at scale to gather intelligence regarding actions of players and make predictions with the aim of enhancing player safety, product design, and portfolio decisions. Anthem Amplifier, powered by Anthemetrics AI is capable of analyzing billions of spins from millions of player hours from thousands of casino games.

Anthem Amplifier Technology

Anthem Amplifier is powered by Anthemetrics AI and uses the latest cloud technology as well as machine learning techniques to collect data and predict gaming patterns and behaviors of players, analyze player behavior in games, analyze and measure game launches, performance benchmarks across channels, geographies, and brands, understand the popularity of games, player retention across cluster behaviors and improve the safety of players in the gambling sphere.

Aim of Anthem Amplifier Technology

Future Anthem founder and CEO, Leigh Nissim has stated the vision behind Anthem Amplifier is to combine data science and human behavior and generate a gaming experience for users that is user-centric, making it more enjoyable and sustainable. Anthem Amplifier will take this vision forward by processing and analyzing large amounts of data, thereby allowing players and studios to optimize their portfolios and gaming experiences.

Benefits to Future Anthem customers

Anthem Amplifier is set to help the customers of Future Anthem such as Big Time Gaming analyze player behavior in a wide variety of casino games on a scale that has not been seen ever before. CEO of Big Time Gaming, Nik Robinson stated that game behavior and player behavior understanding and analysis is ideally at the heart of every successful studio. Anthem Amplifier, powered by AI tools will help in leveraging game and player data that will provide more opportunities to optimize innovative slots that will help attract more players and customers and will enhance the gaming experience of current customers.

Challenges of Anthem Amplifier

Future Anthem CDO, Chris Conroy has accepted that since the data produced from various channels and geographies is vast, it is essential to sort and leverage the AI technology produced data to get the best from the investment and the data so harnessed. However, if used to its potential, Anthem Amplifier is designed to give self-service dashboards that are interactive, recipes for game design along professional services that aid data teams build additional expertise and capacity to optimize game performances and enhance the player experience.

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