BetMGM Enters Puerto Rico Market

BetMGM Enters Puerto Rico Market

After the success of BetMGM in the continental United States, the company is set to enter the market in Puerto Rico through its association with Casino Del Mar that is located at the La Concha Resort. BetMGM is looking to secure a strong market for its gaming and sports betting products and Puerto Rico is an underdeveloped and promising market, prompting analyst speculation on the future prospects for the company, Casino Del Mar, and the Puerto Rico economy.

Deal Information

John Paulson, President of Paulson & Co has stated in favor of the deal, arguing that sports betting is a big part of the everyday life of the Puerto Rican people and BetMGM will find a good and ready market for its products in Puerto Rico. John Paulson has stated that he was looking forward to working with BetMGM as locals would benefit from BetMGM’s operations outside the continental market.

Sigfrido De Jesús, Manager of Casino Del Mar has stated that the casino is committed to providing some great gaming experiences on the island of Puerto Rico and that the deal with BetMGM would be in sync with the vision of the organization to enhance the great experience for its customers.

BetMGM CEO, Adam Greenblatt commented that the deal could be interpreted as a major milestone for the organization as the sports betting platform would be shared outside the continental United States for the first time He further stated that La Concha Resort is an ideal partner for the organization that will help in bringing the company’s retail as well as mobile sports betting to the consumers on the island of Puerto Rico.

Regulatory Approval

Even as there are positive reviews as regards the deal, BetMGM still awaits approval from the regulatory authorities. BetMGM along with La Conch Resort has plans to host retail as well as sports betting experiences for the locals in Puerto Rico, subject to approval by the regulatory authorities.

The positive news is that the government of Puerto Rico seems to be positive as regards the expansion of gambling activities. Orlando A. Rivera Carrión, Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Gaming Commission has given positive signals as regards the deal by stating that the deal is a step forward as regards the economic development of the island of Puerto Rico.

Carlos Mercado Santiago, Executive Director of Puerto Rico Tourism Company said Puerto Rico’s economy would benefit from the deal as the island would have a rising number of tourists due to the approval of sports betting along with locals who would place wagers.


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