Betting Firms Face Further Restriction in the U.K

Betting Firms Face Further Restriction in the U.K

Betting firms may not be able to advertise themselves on soccer shirts in the United Kingdom as per a report from Sportsmail. The report states that it is almost certain that the government may impose this type of restriction on the gambling industry.

Ban on advertising on the front of shirts

The ban on bookmakers’ advertisement and sponsorship on the front of shirts will form part of the whitepaper that will be released by the government this winter. The ban will affect quite a few clubs in the EPL (English Premier League) as well as from the lower leagues. At the present moment, nine clubs out of the twenty EPL clubs have gambling sponsorships on the shirts of their clubs.

Further restrictions on gambling sponsors

Other options are also being explored by the government that will limit gambling advertising as part of the review of the Gambling Act, 2005 that include a ban on advertising by gambling firms on pitchside hoardings as well as television commercials. However, people close to decision-makers have said that the ban is not very likely to impact lower league clubs at this stage. The source that is not named stated that front-of-shirt advertising is going to come to an end. The source said that this move is widely expected. People who want reform expect more restrictions. Politicians are worried as regards the impact on lower leagues. Apart from the ban on advertising on the front of shirts, is expected to make headlines by the UK Government. The government thinks that it has made a strong statement with this restriction on a front-of-shirt advertisement.

Changes likely to take place after October 2023

After the release of the white paper, a period of three months is required for consultation before the parliament discusses the proposed bill. This means that any changes are unlikely to be implemented only after 2023. Responding to calls for evidence, the EPL has stated that unless a revenue replacement source is found, changes cannot be implemented. The League also stated that there is no link between gambling addiction and bookmaker sponsorship deals.

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