Vaccinated and Masked; Gambling Expo Comes To Las Vegas

Vaccinated and Masked; Gambling Expo Comes To Las Vegas

After a year of closures on account of the global coronavirus pandemic, there is a resurgence in gambling. Casino industry vendors and leaders are gathering in person for an annual conference in the city of Las Vegas. Strict rules regarding vaccines and masks are in place in order to contain the spread of the virus. A year ago, the meeting had to be undertaken virtually.

The excitement amongst the participants

Bill Miller, Chief of the American Gaming Association stated that he was excited to be back in person in Las Vegas. He made the statement as part of his greeting to 500 people in a ballroom on Tuesday. He stated that the experience of meeting in person is a great one. He called for four days of an expansive trade show, keynote speeches as well as breakout meetings. He said that meeting in person is much better than meeting virtually on a zoom call. He was saddened that the hall was empty a year ago and people had to meet virtually.

Event drawing audiences

The annual event that is conducted at The Venetian Expo Center has drawn an increasing number of people who have reached 27000 attendees in recent years. Allison Neilson, Spokeswoman of the Gaming Association has stated that the number of attendees this year will be known only later in the week. Attendees have to submit proof of vaccination. A number of people have submitted their vaccination proof through Clear Health Pass. Such individuals have been issued green wrist bands in order to indicate their compliance with the vaccination rules.

Some success for non-smoking advocates

Advocates of non-smoking have highlighted some success at the event. They have managed to convince lawmakers in a number of states as well as administrators of tribal casinos across the country to make casinos free of smoke. They put forth their efforts to ban smoking in casinos in New Jersey and Nevada. Cynthia Hallet stated that workers should not be put in a position to choose between their health and a paycheck.

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