Link between Legalized Sports Gambling and Streaming Video Betting

Link between Legalized Sports Gambling and Streaming Video Betting

There is a co-dependent relationship between legalized sports gambling and streaming video betting. It goes beyond casinos to as far as over-the-top videos. A new area has emerged. Dreams for incremental billions in terms of revenue started in 2018. This has all happened after the legalization of sports betting in the United States. Then, the Supreme Court struck down the anti-gambling law that was passed by the Federal Government. In September 2019, betting on college and pro sports became legal. In-person as well as mobile betting was permitted.

FuboTV launches marketing partnerships

FuboTV, an online video platform has just started partnerships with New York Jets of the National Football League as well as the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basket Ball Association. The partnerships that are launched by the pending gaming unit are a first for the OTT platform.

Cheesehead TV Co-Founder comments

Co-founder of Cheesehead TV, Aaron Nagler has commented that everyone pursues an NFL Draft. He stated that everyone has a mock draft. He further went on to say that there is a betting expert for every content area. He thinks that the key is the gamification of the area. He said that it could be an extension of the trip to Las Vegas. He said that that it could be an online experience that could be wrapped into any specific content that is being sought to be created. He made these statements to a streaming media panel in the summer.

Fox Sports to acquire a stake in sports gambling

Fox Sports has become the first major media company in the United States that is going to acquire a stake in sports gambling. It has is paying $236 million in order to acquire a 5% ownership of The Stars Group. CEO of Star Spots, Eric Shanks has commented that digital sports wagering is a growing market and a growing opportunity that will allow the organization to diversify its sources of revenue, will allow the organization to have a direct connection with its customers as well as expand the reach of the brand of the company.

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