Turner Sports and NHL partner with DraftKings

Turner Sports and NHL partner with DraftKings

The recent months have been extremely busy as far as DraftKings is concerned. The company is operating in an acquisition mode. Several high-profile targets have been acquired by the company. The latest acquisitions for the company involve Turner Sports as well as NHL. The organization will get prominent exposure on both these platforms.

The partnership between NHL and DraftKings

Draftkings has been made as to the official partner of the NHL for iGaming, fantasy sports, and sports betting. The organization originally started out as a fantasy sports provider. It ultimately expanded into the sports betting as well as online casino segments. This has completed the trifecta of online gaming for the company. This partnership will give the organization access to the assets of the NHL. These assets include logos, branding options, other promotional initiatives as well as themed sweepstakes that are proprietary to the NHL.

Significant timing of the deal

The timing of the partnership is significant. It coincides with the start of the NHL season. This will give the organization a lot of exposure across the games of the league.  The organization will also gain exposure during the Stanley Cup Playoffs as well as the NHL All-Star Weekend and the Final Championship. Hockey fans will get to know about DraftKings through various advertisements s well as integrations to the linear media and digital platforms of the league.

DraftKings’ partnership with WarnerMedia

Even as the deal with the NHL was being inked, a deal with WarnerMedia was also being worked out. More specifically, the deal was with the Turner Sports Division of WarnerMedia. The sportsbook operator now has the right to be the exclusive sportsbook operator as well as daily fantasy sports provider to the media outlet. The sportsbook operator will now deliver fantasy sports content as well as sports betting data across telecasts of Turner Sports. The Bleacher Report shall also include content by the sportsbook operator that will build on the already existing relationship since the beginning of the year between the sportsbook operator as well as the program.

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