Companies Scramble to Hire Top Sports Talent in Sports Betting Industry

Companies Scramble to Hire Top Sports Talent in Sports Betting Industry

There is a scramble in the sports betting industry in the United States to hire the top sports talent. It is rumored that Caesars Entertainment may make a move to hire Adam Schefter who is an acclaimed NFL analyst with ESPN.

How will Caesars make its move?

The contract between ESPN and Adam Schefter is set to expire in 2022. The company may look to hire the 54-year-old veteran in NFL analysis in order to boost its coverage. The NFL veteran has been with ESPN since 2009. He has established a name for himself in the field of sports analysis and especially in the National Football League.

Schefter’s hire could be possible as is reported by Front Office Sports. According to the outlet, the NFL veteran could help the company in building up the highly competitive sports landscape in the United States. DraftKings as well as FanDuel also seem to be interested in hiring the NFL veteran. This could help him elicit a huge paycheck as well as better opportunities.

Even as there is a race to hire him, the NFL analyst is not new to controversy. In 2011, in an email to the Los Angeles Times, he asked if the article could be tweaked in any way. There is a misconstruction of this as favoritism. However, ESPN came out in support of the analyst mentioning him as a good journalist.

At this time, the company desires to reinforce its coverage and offer actionable and worthwhile insights to its customers. This comes in wake of the company wanting to scale up its digital offering to customers across the country. The company now wants to offer mobile betting solutions to customers in states where legislation allows online betting.

Caesars on a talent acquisition spree

The company doesn’t seem to be in a mood to slow down the spree to acquire the leading talent in large numbers. The company is reflecting the attitude of its competitors. Trey Wingo, as well as Kenny Mayne, have been added to the list of talent that has been acquired by the company. NBA insider, Adrian Wojnarowski is on the target list of the company.

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