New Orleans Casinos Revenue Drop by 21% in September 2021

New Orleans Casinos Revenue Drop by 21% in September 2021

When a year-on-year comparison was done, properties in New Orleans did not do well. However, the regulator in Louisiana found that the other markets in the state fared much better, an increase of 27.7% that accounted for $159.7 million out of 13 riverboats. These thirteen properties include Harrah’s as well as four racinos.

Report by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board

The Board released a report that stated the revenues of casinos in New Orleans for the month of September 2021. The revenues for the casinos in New Orleans were lower by 21.4% when a comparison was done of the figures of the same period last year. The report stated that the reason for the drop in revenue is on account of Hurricane Ida as well as the forced closures on account of the hurricane.

Harrah’s as well as the three riverboat casinos and the slots at Fair Grounds have earned $26.5 million in revenue for the month of September 2021. It means that there is a significant drop from the $33.7 million that was earned in revenue in September 2020.

Harrah’s revenue has dropped significantly and it has experienced the biggest drop in revenue. It was closed for one entire week and the decrease in revenue was by 42.1%.

However, the overall casino market in the state of Louisiana has witnessed a significant increase in revenues in September 2021.

Moreover, winnings at Harrah’s as well as the thirteen riverboats as well as four racinos have increased from $126 million in the same period last year to $ 159.7 million this year. This is an increase of about 27.7%.

Sports betting in Louisiana

The state is currently awaiting the launch of sports betting. Sports betting is to be kicked off in the state on November 1, 2021. The Head of the Gaming Control Board has given hints that the approval process is in its final stages even as it was delayed on account of Hurricane Ida.

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