Superbet Romania introduces two new exciting products from NSoft

Superbet Romania introduces two new exciting products from NSoft

Superbet Romania offers the Roulette and Virtual Penalty Shootout games from NSoft.

Superbet unrolls NSoft’s Roulette and Virtual Penalty Shootout 

Superbet Romania has launched its online channels with NSoft’s second most popular game, Roulette and Virtual Penalty Shootout. 

The brand’s players in Poland and Romania have immediately recognized this newest addition to NSoft’s burgeoning game repertoire. 

Superbet is a Romanian online gaming company. Superbet was founded in 2008 and is the only Romanian company to have been awarded the Supreme Trophy: The Best Sports Betting Operator in Central and Eastern Europe for two consecutive years at the Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference (CEEGC).

Roulette by NSoft is a round-based modular game that is available on all channels. Due to its reliability, simplicity, and well-developed user interface, it is one of the most popular NSoft games. 

Simple bet placement, quick rounds, and additional features such as statistics, including hot and cold numbers, contribute to the game’s attraction to players. The game is a must-have for betting providers, as gamers have grown accustomed to seeing high-quality roulette software.

Lightning games are a new type of NSoft’s virtual games. They are optimized for web and mobile platforms to enhance online players’ user experience. 

Roulette is one of NSoft’s most famous betting products because of its high return on investment (ROI), which simultaneously covers virtual games and casino categories. 

Its simplicity and potential for large payouts have enticed people to play for a long time. NSoft has developed a new game – Lightning Roulette – based on this legacy. Lightning Roulette is now one of the few round-based roulettes available.

The second unique feature on Superbet’s betting website is Virtual Penalty Shootout, a virtual sports game that captivates participants with breathtaking visualization developed utilizing motion capture technology. This captivating game, which features a variety of betting options, has been nominated for a Global Gaming Award in the category of Product Launch of the Year. 

Quotes from the Press Release

Adam Shaw, MD online at Superbet, said:

“NSoft has been a long-term strategic partner of Superbet, and their Virtuals are a fan favorite among our omnichannel customers. Our businesses have expanded in tandem. It’s safe to say that we’ve found a trustworthy partner in NSoft, and we’re always on the lookout for new features, games, and solutions from the NSoft development kitchen,” Shaw said.

Karlo Kralj, NSoft’s VP of Sales, said:

“During the early stages of development, we discovered that there are extremely few round-based Roulette games in general, and none at retail. The majority of Roulette items were in the on-demand casino category and traditional roulette machines found in casinos and betting shops. Thus, that was our specialization. Soon after launching Roulette for retail and terminals, we built an online version.”

Kralj continued, “The NSoft development team took it a step further and created Lightning Roulette, a version optimized for the internet channel with lightning-fast rounds and a redesigned user interface.”

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