CryptoGames: Weekly Challenges, Monthly Wagering Contest and More!

CryptoGames: Weekly Challenges, Monthly Wagering Contest and More!

Gambling is considered as one of the oldest and fascinating sources of entertainment. It is a classy medium that never ages with time. And now that technology and digital evolution have changed a big portion of the entertainment sector, many classic mediums are now reappearing in their modern forms. Online gambling is one of them. Over the recent years, it has gradually moved from physical casinos to online platforms. This advancement has also introduced the use of digital currencies for entertainment purposes. Crypto-based casinos, both physical and online ones are the truest example of the two ideas coming together. They have not only brought back the essence of eventful entertainment but also showed how digitalization can leave huge impacts on our daily lives. Although there are many online gambling platforms today that are representing the classic entertainment medium, it is rare to spot one that caters to all kinds of technical requirements as well as first-class treats. This is why we took it upon us to share with you, all the fine details about a crypto-oriented casino that is sure to sweep you off your feet by the end of your read.

Now, the fine gem you will take a look at today is widely known as, CryptoGames.

Your All-in-One Crypto Casino

CryptoGames is authorized and claimed by MuchGaming B.V., a gaming organization located in Curacao. The crypto-based casino has been operating under the entire guideline of the Curacao government and therefore, ensures legitimate gambling entertainment. The casino caters to all the fervent gamblers’ digital needs with their quickest fund transactions, protected user interface, and delightful arrangement of games.  Since the casino is a fully crypto-oriented gambling platform, it has made sure to include all the latest upgrades from the trending corners of the internet. Through a list of traits, it has made online gambling fascinatingly smoother than ever before!

At CryptoGames, you will be met with the following services:

Top Tier Games Set

It takes no rocket science to know that the main part of any online casinos is its entertainment resources. The better games you develop and offer, the more your players will enjoy their time at your casino. This is the main objective for many physical casinos. And needless to say, it is the same for online casinos as well. However, in today’s date, the audience and players are in search of sophisticated games in place of flashy and complex games. Gladly, CryptoGames has kept that in mind and developed the following 9 games for its players.

Moreover, CryptoGames gives brilliant winning chances to all its players through one of the most advantageous house edges on the internet. The house edge of the 9 games at CryptoGames are –

  • Dice at 1.0%.
  • DiceV2 at 1.0%
  • Slot at 1.97%.
  • Blackjack with a house edge of 1.25%.
  • Lottery at 0%
  • Roulette at 2.7%.
  • Minesweeper at 1.0%.
  • Video Poker at 2.09%.
  • Plinko at 1.72%.


The first handpicked game by the developers is none other than Dice. A game that has been used to predict the outcomes of many many situations, is now being offered as one of the most beginners’ luck-friendly games. It has been introduced with a cutting-edge innovative outlook and amazing payout range. The game’s main objective is to make the right prediction about the Dice roll. When shown two numbers, all players must decide whether they would like to roll their dice over or under the two. The final payout sum here depends on the payout multiplier the players choose.


The newest addition to the games’ set is a completely made-over version of Dice. To keep the concept of the game pretty much similar, the game has been introduced as DICEV2. It comes with a chicer outlook that is neat and well designed. Dice lovers are guaranteed to take delight in using their Play Money currency to explore the architecture of the game. The main objective of the game is the same as Dice. However, the twist lies in how the result is delivered. In DiceV2, if you roll your dice according to the correct prediction, then your dice will land into a green zone that is located on a slider bar. You can use the slider to adjust the payout multiplier according to your preferences.


Nothing can beat the aura set by an old-school 5-reel Slot game. The presence of a Slot machine at any casino can instantly change a gambler’s mood on the brighter side. At CryptoGames, Slots is offered with 7 possible winning combinations. This means, if you land any one of the combinations after a spin, you will be rewarded according to the payout tables. The 7 combinations are made up of 5 symbols that are supposed to show up on the reels as a result.  Since there is no fixed rule for the serial in which the cards have to show up, Slots offers its players a 49.73% chance of winning. And with every unique combination of symbols, the payout sum rises more.


Among the card games, Blackjack AKA 21 is one of the widely played casino games around the world. To win against the casino, players can Double Down, Surrender or Split their cards. These options help them to form a hand without crossing 21 points. However, if the casino forms a better hand before the player does then the game will stop instantly and the bet will result in a loss. And in case the first two drawings of cards sum up 21 points for the player then the game will stop and declare the player as a clear winner.


Another worthwhile game that veteran gamblers take thrill in. The sight of a spinning roulette wheel is what we can vouch to have seen in many videos of lit casinos. On CryptoGames’ website, gamblers can play the European version for rewards derived from a payout table similar to the American version. Roulette builds up an intense game time as it requires you to carefully choose the locations of your neighbors bets. You can always choose to use your Play Money currency to learn how to correctly choose your neighbor bets. With the feature and the casino’s 4 preset neighbor bets, you can easily learn how to pile up your betting chips on the right areas of the betting mat.

Video Poker

One of the most incredibly straightforward card games that’s easy to comprehend and master. While some may say this takes a lot of strategies, CryptoGames has made it clear through their manuals for the game’s structure and smart features. Although the guidelines will help you form better hands over time, you can always opt for using the Smart Hold to hopefully win against the house dealer or to check out the patterns of the game. And once you are familiar with the ins and outs of the game, you can try to play its three variants: Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, and Tens or Better.


When it comes to television famous casino games, Plinko tops the list without any doubt. In the show The Price is Right, the game can be seen to be played using a pegged pyramid. The idea is kept the same in the crypto version. The plus point here is that you can see the individual payout multiplier (for all 4 colors of the ball), at the bottom of the pyramid.  So it gives you the advantage of choosing your lucky color. The main objective of the game is to reach any profitable payout multiplier at the bottom. If the ball you have dropped reaches one, then you win whatever amount you have reached and the color you have chosen to play with.


All computer users can agree in unison that Minesweeper is a well-known puzzle game that has been an integral part of everyone’s first computer gaming experience. The main objective of the game from the original version has been cleverly modernized in the crypto version at CryptoGames. The casino’s version also requires you to turn the tiles of mines without hitting any. Players can always aim to get higher prizes by expanding the difficulty level, and it can be done by increasing the number of mines in the field. The hardest level has 24 mines on the field, leaving just one tile to turn.


The famous and all-time classic game that tests your luck with one or more tickets. At CryptoGames, the players have the option to purchase the lottery tickets using 4 available cryptocurrencies. The tickets for every round can be found in the “Buy Tickets” tab that also provides you with detailed information on your winning possibility and all available number of tickets. The site offers a zero-house edge policy on Lottery so that the winners can rightfully take all their earnings from the drawings. CryptoGames holds two lottery draws each week the countdown timer for each ongoing round can be tracked on the game’s page.

Win Fair and Square  

CryptoGames is a provably fair crypto gambling spot where you can rely on its fair gambling policies to earn your rewards. Their measures guarantee that the casino doesn’t control any processing of bets or be partial towards any player. CryptoGames additionally gives a straightforward guide on how to utilize hashes and seeds to confirm their bet results. And for providing the utmost fair results in lottery draws, CryptoGames utilizes a third-party website known as RandomPicker that uses an advanced measure to produce unprejudiced and irregular draws. Besides, at CryptoGames, all the information about ongoing bets or results is made public, so that the players can confirm, compare, and recheck their results any time they wish to.

Assurance for Safe Financial System 

CryptoGames has provided lightning-quick exchanges that complement its versatile exchange and cryptocurrency choices since day one. By clicking on the “Deposit” and “Withdrawal” buttons under the “Your Account” tab, new users can set a new deposit address for their accounts without much of a stretch. To ensure no additional delay in the deposits, all amounts are credited after only one network affirmation. If you have completed the full registration process then you will get to use both regular and latest systems for making deposits or withdrawing your funds. The casino manages the users’ funds using two-factor confirmation through the google 2FA application and SSL encryption. Since the highest priority for an online gambling site is to have solid measures for security assurance. Therefore, to guarantee total security, withdrawals of any amount always require two network affirmations whereas deposits require one.

Among hundreds of cryptocurrencies on the market right now, CryptoGames has selected the most profitable ones for gambling on its website. The offered 10 cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Solana, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Monero, GAS, and Dash. All of them can be deposited and withdrawn using any of the available methods and using the new Credit Card deposit methods as well.

User Care at its Best 

All players can be a part of the live community by communicating with CryptoGames players from all corners of the world using the live chatbox. This means that the environment of the casino always remains energizing and upbeat. The chatbox commands are also unique and effective for many different activities. For example, using the commands, all players can send tokens of appreciation or support to others by tipping them with lottery tickets and any cryptocurrencies offered on the site. After that, the casino’s  FAQ sections answer all your basic inquiries through detailed descriptions and guidelines. You can even find the commands for the chatbox and how to use other features on board. Then, you will also find all the necessary information about the casino’s responsible gambling policies and support care. These policies will make sure you can reach out to proper helplines in times of need and distress.

Become a Skilled Wagerer through CryptoGames

CryptoGames as an online casino has achieved undying popularity among potential gamblers all around the world through its unmatched services that share the essence of traditional gambling with all. From introducing the most engaging games to offering futuristic rewards, CryptoGames keeps getting better at its place every day. Besides the lucrative characteristics of the casinos, their provable traits have gracefully taken over the ever-known culture of gambling. If you ask us for our final thoughts, we will tell you to join CryptoGames to polish your gambling skills or even explore your curiosity about the ever classic medium or entertainment. Test out your skills and logical skills through the mind challenging games and emerge as a skilled Crypto wager in no time!





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