KaFe Rocks expands its staff vacation program to include unlimited days

KaFe Rocks expands its staff vacation program to include unlimited days

KaFe Rocks, a leading affiliate company operating within the igaming space, is working to increase employee empowerment and satisfaction across its roster after announcing an unlimited paid leave policy. 

KeFe Rocks employs expanded vacation program

This is meant to provide employees with additional freedom and trust by allowing them to choose when and for how long to take a break. This is in addition to any applicable municipal laws and provides for limitless leave days in addition to the national holidays and minimum entitlement.

According to the igaming affiliate, this is another move toward improving its people-centric culture, which already includes 100 percent remote working flexibility and a flexible schedule. KaFe Rocks’ newly restructured people team will engage closely with managers to encourage employees to take unpaid leave and to exploit the new policy to empower employees and boost overall happiness.

Quotes from the Press Release

“We believe in each employee’s integrity, dependability, and fairness, and we develop a trusting atmosphere by granting our teams a high degree of independence and autonomy.” Simon Pilkington, CEO of KaFe Rocks, elaborated.

“We trust our Rocketeers to manage their time well while also ensuring that the business’s demands remain a top priority.”

“We believe that time away from work is critical for everyone’s mental health. Allowing yourself time to breathe and do what makes you happy might result in new ideas and creativity.” Cordelia Morgan – Cooper, KaFe Rocks’ head of human resources, added.

“This reform provides our employees more control, and we trust them to act appropriately.”

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