Bet Big on Elvantis Aliens – Gamified NFTs Platform

Bet Big on Elvantis Aliens – Gamified NFTs Platform

If you haven’t taken your chances on the crypto gamified platforms with NFTs yet you might be missing a big hype. But you’re lucky because one of the greatest chances of 2022 has just presented itself and it’s about to launch. The white list presale it’s already finished, but other opportunities are approaching. 

Elvantis has a lot of qualities that make it outstanding in this highly competitive marketing. That’s why their community is enormous and its name is being spread for crypto enthusiasts and specialized publications.

Play to Earn

Being able to make a profit from playing funny games is the new tendency. And Elvantis is a good opportunity for it, mainly if you join it early. The team has announced a Race game that should be released soon, in which the players will be able to bet and run for the prizes. 

The greatest thing about the Play to Earn NFTs platform is that your prizes can be increased by the evaluation of the token. So, it’s a big opportunity for profit for those who join the platform early and can hold their tokens long enough. 

A Reliable Platform

Elvantis has presented a complete set of security tools from Certik (biggest company on the crypto audit segment) including the audit in its contracts, Skynet, Security Oracle, and a KYC, which is a feature that enables Certik to certify the identities of the project crew to prevent frauds. 

All these features will be used to guarantee that the platform is protected from hackers and that the owners are not taking advantage of their position. A safe environment is what investors are looking for in crypto marketing lately, with all the news about projects rug pulling their users.

Listings on Exchanges

If you are not used to investing in crypto projects you probably don’t know that: Listings are one of the most important things. It helps to enlarge a project’s range, contributing to the evaluation of the token. 

That’s why the investor of Elvantis are so excited about the recent news: They have already confirmed the listing on BKEK, LBANK, COINTIGER, and HOTBIT. Also, the team has announced that they have negotiated to be listed on top exchanges, which should be revealed soon enough.  

A universe full of stories

If you are a fan of science fiction, aliens, time travel, and other related subjects, Elvantis will captivate you. They have been sharing very exciting stories about the characters of the game and the whole Elvantinian universe. 

The plot is something that aggregates value to the game’s narrative, keeps the investor curious about the development of the plot, and helps to create identification among the users. And they are doing a good job with the visuals too. Their NFTs are stunning!

Awesome NFTs

Aliens, Spaceships, and Planets that look amazing like new toys inside their packages.  The 3D animated NFTs from Elvantis is certainly one of their strongest features. They can not be compared with the standard ones that you find out there. And this is very cool because it makes them even more attractive. 

You can check the Whitepaper and Roadmap from Elvantis to get more information about what it is and, most important, what it will be. It will count on a complete metaverse, where players will be able to interact with features such as Lands, a lot of games, and much more. 

Don’t Miss the Chances

The last token presale from Elvantis it’s about to happen, so you still have a chance to be an early adopter of the token. They will also sell an exclusive collection of NFTs in their presale, that will never be minted again. So, you still have a good chance to join the project and enjoy the perks of being on the vanguard. 

Follow Elvantis official social media and get first-hand information. In Telegram, you can find groups for several different languages and a lot of users willing to help! 

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