Video Slot News: USA, Europe remain best markets for iGaming supplier

Video Slot News: USA, Europe remain best markets for iGaming supplier

iGaming experts and heads from various firms have identified which video slot markets the industry should monitor over the next 12 months and why.

The Next Big Market for Slots 

Vladimir Malakchi of Evoplat stated: Three years ago, the United States was a regional market with stringent criteria and laws governing online gambling; today, it is regarded as the Silicon Valley of gambling.

In such a continuously growing and changing sector, “a hand on the pulse of all markets should be maintained.” With regular regulatory revisions, developing trends, and shifts in player behavior, it’s challenging to forecast which market will take a 10-mile step forward next and for how long.

While the industry’s large markets, such as the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Northern regions, undoubtedly dominate in terms of profitability and potential, other developed and emerging areas can secure a positive response from the audience with even less expenditure.

Julian Jarvis, CEO of Pragmatic Play: Keep an eye out for western and central Europe jurisdictions, such as the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. These countries are prepped and prepared for rapid growth, which will begin in 2022.

In addition, we anticipate a sustained expansion in Italy and Spain, two other European nations where we see growth prospects for the correct goods, despite certain marketing constraints on operators. Outside of Europe, other markets will continue to evolve, including Latin America, Asia, and Africa. We aim to constantly seek to discover which slots perform well in which markets and to maintain a steady pace of releases to ensure that all operators derive the most significant advantage from access to our ever-growing library.

Mark Claxton, iSoftBet’s head of games: The game sector, both video and social, is an obvious one to monitor. There is still a considerable quantity of unique slot content generated by social casino apps. I believe that many slot firms may be astonished by the material found in these industries, which may inspire them to develop innovations.

Crypto-inspired games such as Minecraft and crash have been sleeper hits with a small audience to now, but I believe that over the next 12 months, these games will receive a boost and may see higher traffic. They cater to a younger demographic and are unfamiliar with traditional slots and table games. We may anticipate more presence in this sector.

Mads Jrgensen, CEO and founder of Lady Luck Games: Obviously, Europe has several newly regulated markets, with Greece, Germany, and the Netherlands grabbing headlines in recent months. It will be fascinating to see how they evolve after the dust settles.

Further afield, the regulating states in the United States of America have enormous potential. Of course, few jurisdictions that have authorized sports betting have yet to regulate internet gambling. However, for those like New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, it will be intriguing to see what lessons may be learned for other states considering expanding beyond sports betting. Revenues are unquestionably impressive.

Finally, but certainly not least, nations like Latin America and Canada offer fascinating chances.

Arcangelo Lonoce, head of business development at Habanero: Of all the markets, the United States is the most intriguing and thrilling to me. The US market is brand new, and as is the case with most unique needs, we are witnessing a dominance of terrestrial content with internet material taking a back seat. This is quite natural and will change with time.

The potential to pioneer in a freshly regulated region is tremendously appealing to both operators and suppliers, which is why markets like the Netherlands are so intriguing. Because it was only recently handled and licenses have been granted to a few applicants, there is a genuine possibility of becoming a pioneer in an emerging sector.

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