Fortnite and Warzone Players Can Win Cash Crypto Now

Fortnite and Warzone Players Can Win Cash Crypto Now

In a bid to extend the gaming experience, the mobile gaming app, Skrmiish, will allow its Fortnite and COD: Warzone gamers to make money with in-game events using Sportsflare’s, Bet-on-Yourself feature.

CEO of Skrmiish, Luke Gorb, says this new venture between the gaming developer and operator will allow Skrmiish to become the pioneer of “developing the next generation of skill-based gaming!”

It is partnering with Tidal Gaming, the owner of Sportsflare, which enables competitive gaming and futuristic gaming entertainment.

Skill-based gaming infra for monetizing

Sportsflare uses Bet-on-Yourself infrastructure to enhance the latest peer-to-peer cash matchmaking for the free event feature. Therefore, Skrmiish will build gamers’ competitive gaming experience and help in winning Cash in their favorite games.

Another critical factor is that Skrmiish’s unique BTC digital wallet will accept fiat and crypto for cash matches. The wallet will soon be available in the UK after beta-tests, followed by EU, and finally in the US within a few months.

Bet-on –Yourself is used between partners to add accounts, verify accounts, control pricing, settlements, Risk management, and match platforms and data solutions in Player-vs-Environment (PVE) in popular esports titles like  COD: Warzone.

Tidal Gaming on Community gaming platform

The changing mobile gaming scenario has led Tidal Gaming to partner with Skirmish.

CTO at Tidal Gaming, Max Polaczuk, states that

“by providing our Bet-on-Yourself solution, the Skrmiish app will offer an immersive experience for players to create their cash matches with PVE outcomes.”

In conclusion, the alliance will allow new product reach via Skirmish. This mobile app will allow players to compete in tournaments and build cash matches on PVE and PVP games.

The primary approach of Skrmiish is to offer players community game modes that will allow making money using their skills in their game events. This approach itself has become a game-changer. Grob adds that by including excitement in the gaming experience. Skill-based gaming is now technology-driven, and monetizing games will add excitement. Reiterating the partnership, Polaczuk says, Skrmiish’s marketing strategy and similar vision shared by the two companies will help expand product reach.

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