New York Pushes for Online Sports Betting with S8412 Bill

New York Pushes for Online Sports Betting with S8412 Bill

New York’s skyline for online gambling has changed, with the State permitting digital sports betting in January. The rapidly changing digital sports gambling is gathering momentum because of Senator Joseph Addabbo persistent push to legalize interactive gambling with his innovative Bill S8412.

Bill S8412 seeks interactive gaming

The introduction of the Bill is to make changes to racing, breeding laws, pari-mutuel wagering, and other forms of authorizing interactive gaming.

When this Bill is approved, it will bring significant changes for commercial casinos and tribal nations. It will permit them to offer online sports betting, online slots, and table games across the State. But every casino and each operator will have to pay $2m fees to the state coffers to conduct the new varieties of online gambling – interactive gaming wagering.

According to the proposal, the law would be effective for ten years and can be renewed by establishing an implementation process for renewal with the New York State Gaming Commission.

 Mobile Interactive gaming taxes to fund education programs

However, the proposal will have several controls, such as choosing gaming wagering platforms as a partner. Each operator can choose two mobile interactive gaming platforms by paying $10 million for each brand.

The tax on gross revenue from such interactive gaming is 25%. This tax would be “separately maintained and returned to the state,” which will be deposited in the state lottery fund for education.

Taxes collected could be a range of $475 million and licensing fees of $150 m.


The proposed Bill will have its own set of ‘control elements’ or safeguards. These could include limiting individuals to have ‘one active and continuous used account on their platform.’ This will ensure the participants will operate in the State only and not allow minors to play. In addition, there will be strict privacy processes in place and ensure advertising accuracy, swift account closures, and exclusions.

New York is currently the flagship sports betting market in the country, by amassing $1.69 billion in wagers in January, with $1.67 b earned online.

The start of online services in New York has triggered neighboring states of New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania to offer their online casino services.

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