Atari Token Launch Takes Online Casino Gaming into the Metaverse

Atari Token Launch Takes Online Casino Gaming into the Metaverse

Metaverse to become the online gaming industry’s new play-spot. Atari Casino launches the ‘$ATRI Token’ for its crypto-casino on metaverse- the Decentraland.

The Atari Token might become the new face of interactive entertainment payment for the avatar-based environment. All bets are accepted in cryptocurrencies in this evolving online gaming setup, and winnings are paid in the same form.

The appeal for players at this new-age casino is the unconventional form of transactions. No taxes are levied on crypto wins since the currency itself is de-centralized, or no government owns it.

Although online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies and reward coins operate, Atari casino has been the first-mover taking significant initiative.

Building ‘Vegas City’ for crypto-casino gaming

Being one of the oldest game developers, Atari has partnered with Decentral Games to build a crypto-casino that offers a host of arcade games in its cyber gaming city ‘Vegas City,’ in Decentraland.

In this virtual environment, users can find nostalgic titles and new titles based on luck. They can also win unique sets of digital cards or Non-Fungible Tokens. The current group of games will include 100 million NFTs and playable characters that can be customized.

‘$ATRI Token.’

The utility token is used on Atari Casino to access the wide range of NFT libraries to access and explore Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and the complete range of games.

$ATRI is an Ethereum, ERC-20 token product built on Ethereum to power Decentraland metaverse. The payment supports are provided by Atari Chain digital wallet, which connects to the blockchain. The Chain is a collaboration between Atari and ICIB as part of the significant financial services in the Middle East. Therefore, it depends on $ATRI to be part of the native currency.

The Atari Chain integrates its ATRI directly into a developer’s game, making it a key utility option in the interactive entertainment ecosystem. It is built for gambling, trading, betting platforms, skating, and playing games.

Atari Casino is driving ‘$tari Token’ adoption to become the default industry standard or a universal payment method in the interactive entertainment industry.


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