Time2play Launches Free-to-use Gamban App Services

Time2play Launches Free-to-use Gamban App Services

Time2Play announced that it would offer free gambling management services as an affiliate of Gamban, as the United States takes to online gaming recreation in a significant way. As the number of users playing games-of-chance begins to rise explosively, the onus is on the service providers to offer solutions that prevent over-indulgence or addiction to the virtual gaming environment.

Managing Gambling habits

The US government and the gaming industry have been proactive towards this end. Problem Gambling Awareness Month is one such initiative to build a gambling environment that promotes responsible Gambling. It also reiterates that those in need of these services can easily access help and support.

Gamban is a professional platform for those seeking help to control gambling habits. It is a UK-based digital organization specializing in “blocking online gambling websites” on devices.

The Gamban app, after it is installed on an individual’s device, guides gamers to control their online gaming website activities. It focuses on protecting them from accessing betting apps, services, and sites.

As a professional game-management platform, it persists with blocking websites during the subscription duration and never deactivates the service. Neither can a user remove the app manually.

Responsible Gambling made easy

The role played by Time2Play in this scenario is supportive. It has negotiated an agreement with Gamban to offer its online-blocking services to gamers using Time2Play free-of-cost. The standard rate for Gamban’s service directly is $35 per year.

Tim Tepass, Time2play Co-Founder, well describes the purpose of this offer: “We wanted to do more to help any of our players that may be struggling with gambling addiction.”

The choice of partnering with Gamban for this purpose was but natural since it used “reliable technology.” Many market tools in this category are found to be inadequate in many cases and fail to provide the same level of protection as Gamban’s

Explaining Gamban’s approach, Jack Symons, Co-Founder, comments: “It is vital players understand there is support available if things get out of control. “Affiliates such as Time2Play are critical contributors in making people aware of these resources at the earliest.”

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