Slots.Lv Game: $100,000 Max Jackpot at Stake on Thundercrash Arcade

Slots.Lv Game: $100,000 Max Jackpot at Stake on Thundercrash Arcade

Thundercrash arcade game at allows its players to revisit the glory days of gaming, but with a new goal in mind: win $100,00.

Thundercrash: Slot Game Overview

Thundercrash is an awesome space-themed specialty game, shuttling players on an exhilarating intergalactic adventure into the ultimate frontier, where your aim is to soar as high as possible and maintain flight for as long as possible. As you soar higher, your prizes get larger, as the multiplier rockets with your ship. Your mission is to liquidate your holdings before a comet, asteroid, or another space rock collides without notice.

How to Play Thundercrash?

Whether you consider yourself a Kirk or Picard, this arcade real-money game is set aboard a luxurious spacecraft looking for a new commander, and you’re looking rather skilled with those high heel sneakers and coin-filled pockets. Therefore, take a step forward and demonstrate your mettle to this game. This is what you’ll find in the twenty-first century’s newest arcade game: A maximum prize of $100,000 is offered, Multipliers that increase exponentially, and Cash-out capability that is restricted, lastly, an Avatar created specifically for you

Similar to a Joe Fortune online slot machine, but with a greater emphasis on strategy. That warm and fuzzy sensation you get when you watch childhood cartoons. It’s the pinnacle of nostalgia, but with extremely grown-up prizes. Your adventure through space (and its hitherto unknown multipliers) begins with a wager and the selection of a maximum multiplier, followed by a seat in the captain’s chair. To put it as plainly as a starry night, the objective of the specialized game is to fly as long as possible, accumulating as many multipliers as possible, and cashing off your wins before you crash randomly.

Once your ship is speeding through space, the smallest possible point of impact is the x1.00 multiplier. Due to the game’s complete randomness, this does happen occasionally. Having said that, you can also begin cashing out around x1.01 if you believe an impending crash is inevitable.

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Game Top Features 

Apart from the classic aesthetics and suspenseful anticipation of the random crash, you’ll need to become acquainted with the game’s major features and functions.

SELECT YOUR AVATAR: As with Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, you get to choose whose digital head drives your spacecraft in this Joe Fortune Thundercrash arcade game. Alternatively, you can select “Random” if you’re not interested in a personalized experience. 

QUICK BET PLACEMENT: Perhaps this is not so much a feature as it is a requirement, but when you first begin playing Joe Fortune Thundercrash, you only have six seconds to place your bet and accelerate. A minimum wage of $0.50 is required.

AUTOMATIC CASH OUT: The Bet Amount and Auto Cash Out buttons enable you to utilize this service. At the outset of each game, you must specify a cash-out limit, which will halt the ship and give your current winnings whenever you reach the maximum multiplier. 

MULTIPLIERS BUILDING: This is the entire point of the game, and it is also where most of the fun occurs. After you’ve put your wager and your ship has accelerated into space, you begin accruing multipliers beginning with x1.01. 

GET YOUR MONEY: Most crucially, the Cash Out button, which is the largest octagon, is how you manually activate your ship’s E-brake, collect your winnings at the multiplier it reached, and rescue your crew

PRIZE MAXIMUM OF $100,000: As previously stated, multipliers can climb in tandem with your flight, with a potential reward of $100,000. Depending on your arcade game strategy, you may wish to go for frequent modest victories or to save your energy for the big one.

Joe’s Pro Gaming Tip

With Thundercrash, you must consider not only the wager amount but also the maximum multiplier sum that can be reached before cashing out. It’s a good idea to set the maximum multiplier value to a figure in the higher range, such as 4x. This way, if you’re on a roll, the game will continue. Alternatively, a cruise. Having said that, reaching 4x is quite an achievement, and you’re likely to find yourself halting the ship much sooner. As such, this pro-tip serves as a safety PSA: Maintain both hands on the wheel and avoid diverting your focus away from the multipliers while your ship is in motion. 

Thundercrash is available in Practice Mode for free arcade play prior to purchasing. Unlike most Joe Fortune games, you will not be allowed to place simulated bets in practice mode, but you will be able to see how the jet goes and how frequently it crashes. Once you’ve gotten a feel for it, it’s time to channel Captain Kirk and demonstrate your mettle to this crew.



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