Sweden Grants Operational License to Leap Gaming

Sweden Grants Operational License to Leap Gaming

Swedish gaming operator Leap Gaming has finally received clearance or certificate of operating in the country. Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) is the central agency monitoring the crowded betting scenario in the country. In addition, the agency is responsible for gambling and gaming activities for Betsson, Evolution, and LeoVegas.

Swedish Gaming certificate

The certificate has given Leap a growth trajectory since most neighboring nations operate regulated environments like Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands.

The advantage of Swedish certificates is that operators have a head-start over other operators, given Sweden’s strong market position. The hidden potential is immense in Sweden. Current market statistics show that gambling for money is an interest catching-up with most citizens of Sweden and will show seven percent growth in 2021. The growth potential is expected to be in the range of 86% for home-only players.

Therefore, the scope for online gambling has immense opportunities across the country.

Increase in fees

The government has also increased the prices of operations in the country. For example, the Ministry of Finance has established that it would likely raise $12,046 to obtain gaming software licenses. In addition, the prices for renewal of licenses are also likely to increase, primarily online gaming and betting.

Leap will focus on cutting-edge products for the gaming industry. The company will further expand its technology reach by focusing on evolving market laws. Given the increased use of online gambling marketplaces, the regulatory systems are changing in most betting and gambling markets. The proposal in most countries that already have operational gambling markets is to support interactive gaming further and offer mobile gaming scope.  

New security standards

The strategy by most gambling operators is to offer secure processes for regulated markets. The new provisions support gamers to play in a safe environment and commit to long-term gambling regulations.


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