West Virginia Satellite Casino Bill Bites the Dust

West Virginia Satellite Casino Bill Bites the Dust

In an unfortunate move, Senate Bill 100, which sought legislative approval to permit secondary gaming locations in West Virginia, remained un-passed. However, the Bill in seeking satellite centers also proposed mandates for the targeted expansion in the primary casino and Host County.

Senate Bill 100

The Senate Bill – 100 was tabled by Senator Eric Nelson to create alternate sources of income to the retail shopping centers such as the Charleston Town center. However, most of his senate members approved his proposal when 23-10 votes passed it.

However, the Bill saw opposition by the House of Delegates. As a result, the gaming bill is currently placed before the House of Judiciary and Finance Committees to consider the proposal. But there was no immediate action from these panels resulting in the non-movement of the Bill during the session season.

Adopting Pennsylvania Mini Casino model

The concept to repurpose the non-functional centers of the state into revenue-generating satellite casinos or mini-casino was modeled along the lines of Pennsylvania’s success in this regard.

The Bill, which proposed that the five commercial casinos of the State of West Virginia build smaller satellite gaming venues, could not be passed despite Senator Nelson’s attempts to revise his home state retail outlets.

Previously, Pennsylvania’s malls had become vacant to revive economic activity. The state had allowed the re-utilization of department stores, Sears, and Bon-Ton to house casino spaces, slot machines, sports betting, and table games.

Gambling and Racing Association applaud Senator’s efforts

Applauding the continued efforts of Senator Nelson, the Executive Director of West Virginia Gambling and Racing Association commented,

Senator Nelson was trying to represent his district. He was trying to develop a need for something to go in the mall that would tie into the convention center across the street and the hotels and restaurants in the area.”

However, the non-passage of the Bill will not be able to identify the impact of the expansion of licensed gaming venues.

West Virginia Satellite Casino Bill 2022 will remain dormant until the state legislature reassembles the next session.

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