DraftKings Announces New Brackets for NCAA Division-1 Men’s Basketball

DraftKings Announces New Brackets for NCAA Division-1 Men’s Basketball

DraftKings has announced new brackets for NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament as fans get into a frenzy over March Madness weeks. The brackets are unique leads to the outcomes of the games in this tournament. DraftKings brackets have become very popular among fans offering betting pools lately.

One of the most awaited college-circuit basketball tournaments, March Madness, will be held between March 15 and April 4.

Draftkings Analytics

This knockout tournament spans 68 college teams, and fans seek information on open betting lines. Draftkings has been filling this space for some time and offers specialized analytics covering the tournament comprehensively. The stats are backed by elaborate coverage of the tournament.

Draftkings New Content

According to Brian Angiolet, the Chief Media Officer of Draftkings,

“We will deliver new content catering to the skin-in-the-game fan. In addition, we’ve assembled a diverse lineup of sports personalities and voices to engage customers and provide a unique perspective on the Bracket.” 

Their comprehensive coverage of breaking news and insights from industry experts and leading sports personalities have been driving betting trends in recent years.

Two broadcast shows

DraftKings will cover the entire tournament by broadcasting two separate shows at the event. These will be on its YouTube channel and feed by Vegas Sports Information Network (VSiN).

The first of the shows is called Line Drop. According to this, the Bracket will be running between 6 pm and 8 pm on March 13. The coverage will provide fans with the tournament’s bracket pairings for the year.

The second show is called VSiN Tournament Betting Breakdown. It will be a late even show that will analyze betting data for audience information and be included within the larger tournament brackets of the likes of DraftKings.

VSiN 2022 Bracket Strategy provides the necessary guidance for comprehensive coverage of the tournament.

Bracket announcements of the top favorite college loop tournament are eagerly awaited by betting pools and wagers since it gives them a head start on the odds against teams and the final winner forecasts.


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