Delaware North Joins American Gaming Association’s Trending Campaign

Delaware North Joins American Gaming Association’s Trending Campaign

Delaware North is one new entrant to join the American Gaming Association’s trending campaign- ‘Have a Game Plan. Bet Responsibly!’ The leading entertainment and hospitality organization has pledged to promote responsible gambling in its business segments.

AGA’s latest campaign has already roped in 20 organizations committed to responsible gambling.

What is the AGA campaign?

The AGA campaign began in 2019 to inform and advise customers about sports betting responsibly.

The campaign is now active in all of the 33 US states where sports betting is now legal. It has now enrolled over 130 million citizens.

Delaware North’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Jack McNeill, shared that the campaign resonates with his company’s commitment towards gambling responsibly. It emphasized their customer approach to play with caution and, more importantly, focuses on ensuring legal sports betting achieves sustainable growth.

Delaware North in AGA Campaign

Delaware North’s social media handles will carry AGA’s campaign branding on its website. It will help raise awareness towards responsible gambling and the multiple issues arising from gambling.

As Senior Vice President of AGA, Casey Clark states, “Delaware North’s reach across gaming, entertainment, and sports adds an important voice to Have a Game Plan. We’re grateful for its partnership and leadership in advancing responsible gaming and ensuring bettors have the tools to wager responsibly.” 

Delaware North currently offers diverse sports wagering options in West Virginia and Arkansas as part of its subsidiary, Betly. In addition, it has recently announced new sports betting opportunities with partnerships in Gaming1 to offer Gamewise an iGaming brand and new sports betting. It currently operates its gambling divisions in eight states and plans to offer more in 2022.

Delaware North will now include campaigns that reiterate the need for gamers to be responsible by working with several self-help platforms offering online facilities to control indulgent gambling behavior.

As McNeill says, “We are proud to work with AGA on this initiative to educate fans and encourage responsible gaming.”

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