Wild Casinos Blackjack Tournament offers prizes up to $25,000

Wild Casinos Blackjack Tournament offers prizes up to $25,000

Going two steps ahead of the game has always been a trademark of Wild Casino, and the promos that it has been offering to players are one-of-a-kind in the online gaming industry. This time, it’s pouring money, with not one, but two Blackjack tournaments giving rewards of up to $25000 and $10000 to the top 50 players in each of the two events. 

While the $25000 tournament will take place on Wednesdays, the $10000 tournament will take place each Friday through Monday, keeping you on your toes for nearly an entire week. With a $10 entry fee, you can enter both campaigns and compete for all of the spectacular prizes available in the two weekly contests. Are you unable to stop yourself from playing and winning? Wait no longer and adhere to the terms and conditions listed below.

What Will I Receive From Wild Casino’s Blackjack Tournament?

The tournament’s top 50 players will be determined by their final chip total. They can win a variety of prizes and bonuses, which are shown in the table below:

$25000 Blackjack Tournament Prizes $10000 Blackjack Tournament Prizes
Position Prizes Position Prizes
1 $5000 1 $3000
2 $3000 2 $2000
3-10 $1000 3 $1000
11-20 $500 4 $600
21-30 $250 5 $400
31-40 $100 6-10 $200
41-50 $50 11-20






Bonus Terms and Conditions

On buy-in, players will receive 200 chips for the $25000 tournament and 300 chips for the $10000 tournament. Tournament chips are worthless in monetary terms. Unlimited rebuys are offered for $5 and $10 for tournaments with a prize pool of $25000 and $10000, respectively. Winnings will be credited within 24-48 hours of the tournament’s conclusion. Bonus wins from the $25k prize pool are available for American Blackjack and can be used to play a variety of casino games. The ones starting at $10,000 are offered for a variety of games.


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