PGL Events and GG.Bet have expanded partnership in esports

PGL Events and GG.Bet have expanded partnership in esports

The PGL, a renowned esports event host and organization, and the GG.Bet esports betting platform will continue to work together in the future. The two firms will collaborate on new formats as part of their new exclusive agreement, which will also see them increase their presence in the competitive gaming industry.

This is something that GG.Bet is well-suited to do because it is a fully integrated esports platform with a strong focus on electronic sports wagering. PGL is responsible for some of the most prestigious Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional tournaments in the world, with prize pools in the six- and often seven-figure range on a regular basis.

GG.Bet and PGL Banded For Better Experience

Prior to the PGL Regional Major Rankings tournaments, which will take place between April 11 and April 24, and which will be followed by the PGL Royal Antwerp event next month, the two organizations have formed a new collaboration. Assisting PGL with the broadcasting and dissemination of the events, GG.Bet will make certain that the greatest number sees the tournaments of people possible.

People who are interested in getting the inside scoop on the events will be able to do so thanks to the efforts of GG.Bet. GG.Bet will concentrate on the supply of in-play data feeds that will enhance the user experience and allow audiences to view live odds in real time on their favorite sporting events. Bonuses will be offered at various stages of the competition, with the goal of attracting more attention to the esports betting portion of the competition. The company is offering a 10 percent no deposit cashback incentive until April 10 to commemorate the ongoing relationship between the esports sportsbook and the well-known event host. According to GG.Bet COO Dmitry Voshkarin, the company is pleased to be kicking off the new 2022 season with their partners PGL by their side for this significant CS:GO major.

Voshkarin commented about the potential to collaborate with the platform in this reimagined style and bring offline competitions back to the attention of the public. Esports, like traditional sports, had to take a long vacation from in-person competitions since they were detrimental to business and caused interest in the activity to diminish.

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Executives are ecstatic to be working with one another

According to the CEO, the company is pleased to continue its partnership with PGL as their official betting partner and be engaged in the organization of another exciting tournament. In the same vein, PGL CEO Silviu Stroie expressed delight at the prospect of collaborating with GG.Bet, a dependable partner who took esports as seriously as the company did.

With GG.BET on our side, they are once again bringing throngs of people to stadiums to witness nail-biting encounters between the world’s best teams on the pitch. They are overjoyed that they will be able to continue to make esports history together. Esports, as well as esports betting, are extremely popular. New Jersey-based Esports Entertainment Group has just launched its full and dedicated platform in conjunction with the state’s Department of Commerce. Wagering on electronic sports is gaining popularity in the United States as well.

About GGBet

It used to be nearly hard to locate bookmakers that offered betting possibilities for electronic sports when they first started spreading around the world and becoming worldwide events. But that has changed dramatically in recent years. Until recently, traditional bookmakers did not take electronic sports seriously and did not include them in their portfolios of offerings. This option was only available on a few sketchy websites, and using them came with a slew of security problems to contend with. For better or worse, the sports betting industry was aloof from the world of esports and tried to pretend they didn’t even exist. When a group of friends with extensive experience in the iGaming sector got together in Cyprus in 2016, they wanted to provide an alternative. Ultimately, they wanted to develop an electronic sports betting service that was legal, dependable and fair; as a result, GGBet came to be. Despite the passage of time, designers still remember the enthusiasm we felt on the first day. GG.Bet began as one of the first legitimate esports betting sites on the internet, and has since grown into a full-fledged gaming platform.

They provide their services within the jurisdiction of Curacao. To put it another way, they are a legitimate and regulated bookmaking company. Curacao is widely regarded as the world’s first online gambling license country, and it has been collaborating with the greatest names in the iGaming industry since the early 1990s: they are proud to be a part of this historical moment in the industry. Other of their services, like those of all licensed bookmakers, are continually audited and confirmed as fair by third parties, just as they are for all licensed bookmakers. You are welcome to play on GG. You should place your bet without any reservations in your mind.

About PGL

The AMD Professional Gamers League, which was established in 1997, was one of the first professional computer game eSports leagues to take the stage in North America. The PGL was organized and sponsored by Total Entertainment Network, with AMD serving as the title sponsor. In September 1997, they hosted the first professional StarCraft event in their history.


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