LeoVegas: Sweden, Denmark get personalized safe gambling messaging

LeoVegas: Sweden, Denmark get personalized safe gambling messaging

LeoVegas Group, Europe’s leading GameTech firm that provides cutting-edge technology for online casino, has stated that it has boosted its efforts to promote safer gambling in the Danish and Swedish gambling markets, according to a press release.


LeoVegas introduces Personalized On-Site Messages to its customers

On Thursday, the company announced that it has begun deploying customized on-site communications in two of its most important areas. The purpose of the messaging will be to improve consumer awareness, educate them, and offer safer gambling solutions that they may use to gamble more responsibly. LeoVegas’ safer gambling policy is reaffirmed with the company’s most recent launch.

Customers’ use of safer gaming instruments and the development of more sustainable customer connections, according to the corporation, has been verified through the distribution of on-site communications. Personalized messaging is already available for LeoVegas’ brands GoGo Casino and Expekt in Denmark and Sweden, according to the company.

Customers will be informed about a variety of safer gambling methods available through the sites, and their usage will be encouraged through the use of messages. Prior to releasing on-site messaging for customers in the Danish and Swedish markets, LeoVegas made the feature available to clients in the United Kingdom. This occurred during the autumn of the previous year. According to LeoVegas, based on data gathered from the UK market, the company has observed an increase in the adoption of safer gaming technologies in recent years. Furthermore, the business acknowledged that an increasing number of consumers are establishing limits or even lowering their existing limits. At the same time, LeoVegas stated that the positive impact of on-site messaging in the United Kingdom for consumers categorized as high-risk gamblers was much more than previously thought.

The On-Site Personalized Messages are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Gustaf Hagman, the CEO of LeoVegas Group, stated that on-site messaging has already proven to be a success in the United Kingdom. He went on to say that the customised on-site messaging serves to underline the company’s commitment to responsible gambling while also having a beneficial impact on the user experience. Hagman stated that LeoVegas will provide even safer gambling experiences in Sweden and Denmark as a result of the introduction of on-site messaging.

Gustaf Hagman, CEO of LeoVegas Group, also stated that the company is delighted that its on-site messaging has proven successful in the United Kingdom – not only in driving engagement with its safer gambling tools, but also in having a positive effect on customer behavior and helping to propel the company forward in its quest for more long-term customer relations.

LeoVegas uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify customers who may be at risk of becoming addicted to gambling. If a user falls into this category, artificial intelligence (AI) will encourage them to adopt safer gaming methods and set restrictions through targeted communications. Additionally, the AI system may arrange the responsible gaming messages in areas that are often reserved for the introduction of new games and promotional campaigns. According to LeoVegas, the substance and urgency of the message fluctuate depending on the customer’s particular gambling activity and history.


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