Real Dealer Studios intensify Swiss market presence via Pasino

Real Dealer Studios intensify Swiss market presence via Pasino

As part of its ongoing efforts to expand its presence and strengthen its dominant position in the Swiss iGaming sector, Real Deal Studios has signed a partnership agreement with Pasion, a rapidly expanding online casino operator in the country. The gaming studio will work with the operator to integrate a number of its flagship titles as well as highly regarded RNG games.

Real Dealer Studio

Hollywood-Inspired RNG Games Now in Switzerland

Real Dealer Studios games are renowned for their originality, consisting of an eye-catching, adrenaline-pumping fusion of popular online games and specialist production technologies utilized in the film business, among other elements. Professional performers, genuine film directors, and a full-fledged post-production staff are all involved in the creation of the games.

The end result is a unique one-on-one engagement with VIP dealers that is very memorable. As examples of the games that will be integrated into Pasion’s platform, we can point to their popular Real Roulette series, which features well-known dealers such as Caroline and Sarati as well as Holly and Dave, along with their Multifire and Real Auto Roulette titles, as well as Fortune Finder, a money-wheel series that is equally as exciting. Each of these titles is expected to set the tables ablaze, bring the action to life, and soon establish themselves as fan favorites among’s customers. Despite the fact that the gaming studio has already established itself as a leading player in Switzerland, the new partnership with the rapidly expanding Pasino operator is expected to further solidify the company’s top position, according to a statement from Shane Cotter, Real Dealer Studio’s chief product officer.

Pasino eager to provide players with a unique gaming experience


Despite the fact that “content is the key to standing out” on the Swiss iGaming industry, Rupert Ecker, Pasino’s managing director, believes that the new Real Dealer Studios partnership will allow them to add some “great” blockbuster games to their present portfolio of games. According to the developer, the cinematic games developed by the gaming studio are supposed to provide a one-of-a-kind, luxurious gaming experience that is “unlike any other available on the market.” Because of the various game production methodologies, these titles will assist Pasino in hitting the refresh button on its offering by providing a creative option that has never been seen before. All games are run on dedicated software, which ensures a faultless, error-free performance at the tables while giving the impression of joining a private table game in a prestigious casino. is part of the respected Casino du Lac group of companies, and it is currently one of the most successful operators in the Swiss online gaming industry. It has made it obvious that it wants to outperform its greatest competitors. The new agreement with Real Dealer Studios has the potential to accelerate the company’s growth.


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