Nevada Gaming Control Board Investigates Resorts World in Las Vegas

Nevada Gaming Control Board Investigates Resorts World in Las Vegas

Nevada‘s Gaming Control Board has decided to launch an inquiry into Resorts World Las Vegas as a result of claims made against the company’s president, Scott Sibella, by an anonymous gambler. 

In the charges, Sibella misrepresented his relationship with the gambler and claimed that a Strip restaurant is partially owned by a felon, both of which were untrue.

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The Testimony 

As part of his testimony in a deposition on April 5, embattled gambler Brandon Sattler stated that he was a good friend of Sibella and that they had had a common bond. Furthermore, he accused Sibella of having a history of drug addiction, which they have been affiliated with for more than two decades.

Kristi Marusich, the deputy chief of the board’s enforcement section, has announced that the agency will investigate the charges made against her department. The Nevada Independent reached out to Marusich, who responded by stating that she had no additional remarks on the subject. Resorts World Las Vegas, which opened its doors just a year ago, hired Sibella to manage the development of the resort’s various components. In recent weeks, Sibella has come under fire for his inclusion in a bizarre mix that includes a felon who has been convicted of a crime. Tacos El Carbon, a modest diner located within Resorts World Las Vegas, is owned by David Stroj, who has been convicted of operating an illegal bookmaking business and laundering money. According to Sattler, Resorts World owns a 50 percent stake in the restaurant business.

When contacted by the Independent, an outside representative for Resorts World responded via email and indicated that management had contacted the Nevada Gaming Control Board when the allegations were made. She went on to say that the resort conducted a “thorough background check,” but that nothing was discovered.

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Disciplinary hearings are on the horizon

Resorts World and Sibella Stroj are also under investigation for breaking their supervised release agreements by gambling in Las Vegas without first obtaining authorization from their probation officers. Disciplinary hearings for Resorts World are also possible. Restaurant manager Stroj’s father, according to Resorts World, is in charge of the establishment.Stroj, on the other hand, reached out to the Nevada Independent via email and indicated that he is not a shareholder in his father’s company and that he just has a passing acquaintance with Sattler. He also stated that he does not currently have any violations on his record.

If a formal complaint is filed against the facility, it is possible that Resorts World and Sibella will be subject to disciplinary hearings before the Nevada Gaming Commission. Sattler stated that he believes the restaurant is owned by Stroj, John Paul, Jaime Behar, and three other unnamed partners, and that the business is located in New York City. Some individuals are skeptical of Sattler’s claims because he was forced into bankruptcy, which some believe casts doubt on his credibility. Several creditors accused him of taking advantage of them while playing high-stakes poker games with their money. When it comes to Sibella, he states that he has only encountered Sattler twice in his life. According to Sibella, he is in this position only as a result of Sattler’s decision to name him at random, and that Sattler has done no work at Resorts World, despite the fact that he asserts otherwise on his own website.


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