Stakes: Last Call for Conquer the Casino Promo, Up to $50,000 in Prizes

Stakes: Last Call for Conquer the Casino Promo, Up to $50,000 in Prizes

Playing Stakes’ brand new real-money slots gives players a chance to win a share of $50,000 every week. 

Conquer the Casino features ten video slots added just this week! To win significant prizes, players must maintain the number one spot on the Lucky Wins or Big Wins leaderboards after a week of play on any real-money casino game that qualifies for the competition. 

With BIG WINS: The game’s highest weekly payout and LUCKY WINS: The game’s highest weekly multiplier. Both of these features are included in the game. You’ll find the Lucky Win and Big Win leaderboards just beneath the slot game you’re playing as you spin the reels.

Bovada is another prominent bitcoin casino that is regularly holding all sorts of special leaderboard tournaments for players to increase their payouts. The site is offering as much as $100,000 in bonuses, including free spins and loyalty rewards. Check out their latest tournaments on their webpage.

Conquer the Casino Promo

Casino Promo Prize Break Downs 

● $700.00 – Lucky Win Prize for Each Game

● $3,200.00 – Big Win Prize for Each Game

● $2,000.00 – Lucky Win with Highest Multiplier

● $2,000.00 – Big Win with Highest Payout

● $1,000.00 – Eddie’s Choice Lucky Win

● $6,000.00 – Eddie’s Choice Big Win

Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions 

● In the event that the top multiplier on the Lucky Win leaderboard is shared by more than one player, the player who placed the wager that resulted in the highest possible win will be given the Lucky Win reward. If the sums of the bets remain unchanged, then and only then will the reward be divided amongst the winners.

● In addition, any streamers who get continuing affiliate benefits will be unable to collect Big Win rewards beginning the week of July 2-9, and this restriction will remain in place until further notice.

● When visiting the site with the view set to display prices in fiat currency. It then transforms all of the crypto values that are shown on the screen to the current exchange rate for the respective fiat currency. Once a player achieves a position in the Big Wins area, that player’s position is permanently saved along with the payoff crypto value at the moment of the achievement. It is possible that a player’s fiat currency will show a bigger amount than another owing to the difference between the value of the wager at the time it was made and the price of the cryptocurrency at this moment. This is because pricing fluctuations might cause this.

● This campaign has a 10-cent minimum wager requirement in order for participants to be eligible for any of the prizes.

● The game with the highest multiplier and payment rewards cannot be Eddie’s Choice. They must come from another game. If you were to win the Lucky Win on Eddie’s Choice, for instance, you would not be eligible for the Greatest Multiplier award, despite the fact that this would be the biggest multiplier of the week based on the games that were considered eligible.

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