Bitcoin Casino ‘Stake’ Offers $100K Prize Pool for 100 Billion Bets Promo

Bitcoin Casino ‘Stake’ Offers $100K Prize Pool for 100 Billion Bets Promo

Get up to $100,000 worth of prizes at one of the leading bitcoin casinos in the world. 

Stake is rapidly reaching its most significant landmark to date, which will be 100 billion bets. As a means to show their appreciation, Stake Casino is giving away prizes worth up to one hundred thousand dollars to both deserving players and first-time visitors to their online casino platform.

100 Billion Bets

Bitcoin Casino Promo Terms and Conditions 

● The bet IDs for every bet from the 100 billionth to the next thousand (100,000,000,000,000 – 100,000,001,000) will each get a bonus of $100, and the payout will begin with the one hundred billionth bet.

● In order for players to be eligible for bonuses, they must have a minimum stake of 20 cents US.

● If a player has more than one wager in the range specified above, they are only eligible to receive one payout for all of those bets combined.

● In order for the payouts to be made, the bets themselves need to have a winning percentage of at least 1.5x.

● Please allow for a payout of your winnings, which will be issued either by email or support, to take place within the next 72 hours.

● If you do actually qualify, we ask that you avoid sending us any letters that include screenshots or links to bet IDs. We will be able to locate any wagers that are qualified.

● Any player who is discovered to be using multiple accounts for the same game will be disqualified from the rewards associated with this campaign.

● The total amount that will be paid out if all 1000 wager identification numbers are valid.

● This promotion is valid from July 7, 2022 – July 21, 2022.

● Noted that General Terms and Conditions Applied

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