Casino Streamer xQc Admitted Gambling Content on Twitch ‘Incorrect’

Casino Streamer xQc Admitted Gambling Content on Twitch ‘Incorrect’


Popular Twitch online casino streamer xQc attempted to preserve face in the aftermath of the ban on unlicensed gambling content on the Amazon-owned streaming platform by acknowledging he understood what he was doing was wrong but refusing to change his opinion on the matter.

As an advocate for gambling material on Twitch, he was keen to dispel rumors that he had changed his mind.

Additionally, he questioned the veracity of what other streams on the platform claim.

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Doing It for Money, Influence, or What?

In a recent stream, xQc, one of the biggest proponents of streaming gambling content on the site with over $500 million wagered while streaming, attempted to backtrack without truly reversing by conceding that what he had been doing was “bad.”

Noting that he would not change his stance on the issue, he was quick to assert that his backtracking was not like other streamers’ backtracking when they were heavily criticized by their audience for doing something that is not good.

xQc also commented in his stream on other popular streamers who have previously indicated that gambling content on Twitch is detrimental to the audience, suggesting that they were doing so to pacify the crowd rather than expressing their true feelings.

He did not specify any names, but it was clear he was talking to people who had publicly criticized him, such as Pokimane, whom he had previously commented on, questioning whether she really opposed to gambling content or merely feared being called out for doing anything wrong.

Heavy Criticism Eventually Caused a Twitch

Earlier this month, Pokimane appeared on the H3 podcast hosted by Ethan Klein and Hila Klein and did not hold back in his criticism of streamers who jumped on the Twitch gambling content bandwagon to promote crypto gambling, such as Drake and xQc, questioning their behavior of pretending not to know where the money for their crypto gambling sponsorships comes from.

Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo lambasted gambling content on the site, outraged by its impact on broadcasters and viewers. Pokimane was among the most recent to encourage Twitch to take action and ban gambling, and she was quickly followed by Rinaudo. 

Mizkif’s anger was prompted by the revelation that another renowned Twitch streamer, Sliker, defrauded his followers in order to fund his gambling addiction. 

The intense debate on the matter has now reached Twitch, as the platform has opted to restrict illegal gambling content. This is another blow for xQc, who previously stated that Twitch would never ban crypto gaming.

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