Everygame Casino: How to Double Computation Points This December?

Everygame Casino: How to Double Computation Points This December?

Everygame Casino - Double Computation

Everygame Casino Classic, one of many iGaming platforms under the Everygame brand, offers players double computation points throughout the month of December by participating in several selected slots.

Promo Descriptions

Collect Rewards Points every time you place a bet in the casino, and then at a later time, you may exchange those points for real money using the issues you’ve accumulated. 

It starts with the first spin you make at Everygame Casino Classic and continues without your intervention with every game you play after that.

When the total amount of Comp points you have earned reaches or surpasses 2,000, you will be eligible to trade in those points for bonus credit at the casino.

You can use them to bet on any game you choose, and any money you win may be converted into even more comp points for you to utilize in the future. 

Players participating in this offer and placing wagers on any of the following games throughout the promotional month will get twice the number of comp points that are typically given out. This deal is exclusive to Everygame Casino Classic and cannot be redeemed at any other casino.

You’ll receive 16 points for every $10.00 that you play on slots and Keno. If you want 1,000 points, you’ll need to wager $625.00.

The three games, Gifts from Santa, Stocking Stuffers, and Artic Queen will each have their comp points increased by a factor of two when they are played during the month’s highlighted selections.

Everygame Casino Classic: Collect Points and Trade for Casino Credit Now!

How to Claim Bonus?

Your current Comp point balance will be shown in the casino lobby after you have logged into your account and are signed in. 

Click on the player’s avatar in the top right corner of the screen, then pick the REWARDS option from the drop-down menu that appears after doing so. 

This will allow you to convert your Comp points into additional credits. Click the “Submit” button after entering the desired total amount of points to be redeemed in the “REDEEM POINTS” section. 

At Classic Casino, your accumulated points will automatically be converted into bonus casino credits and credited to your account.

Every 60 minutes, on the half-hour, comp points are updated for all bets put in the previous hour and a half minus 30 minutes. E.g. The bets that were made between nine and ten in the morning will be analyzed at ten thirty in the morning. 

The leftover balance is maintained and carried over to the following cycle if the total amount of bets during the 60 minutes is less than $25,000. Your account for comp points won’t be updated until the total bets you’ve made reach or surpass $25.00.

Conditions & Terms of Service

  • The bonus credits that may be obtained via Comp Points have to be bet at least once.
  • The lowest number of Comp points that may be redeemed for cash is 2,000 ($2.00).
  • There is a minimum requirement of one thousand points for each redemption (i.e. 2,000, 3,000 etc.)
  • The highest number of points that may be redeemed in a single transaction is one hundred thousand dollars (100,000 points).
  • Only player accounts that have a previous history of deposits will be eligible to get comp points. It is possible that new depositing accounts may have a delay of up to 24 hours before the first Comp points are awarded to such accounts.
  • Comp points do not have a time limit on their use.

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