FanDuel’s Parent Company Plans to Get Listed at US Stock Exchange 

FanDuel’s Parent Company Plans to Get Listed at US Stock Exchange 

Flutter Entertainment

Shareholders of Flutter Entertainment, the parent company of US sports betting and gaming market leader FanDuel, will be asked what they think about the company’s new plans to list its ordinary shares on a U.S. stock exchange.

Reuters says that the parent company of some of the most successful betting and gaming companies in the world is thinking about putting itself on the stock market in the US to help it grow even more in the country.

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The board of directors of a company that is traded on the stock exchange in London and has operations in more than 20 regulated markets has detailed the positive effects that could result from the company’s potential listing on the stock exchange market in the United States in a statement that was issued by the company.

According to the preliminary report’s results, the ordinary shares of Flutter Entertainment are expected to “yield a number of long-term strategic and capital market benefits,” as the company says in a public statement.

Flutter cited gaining access to better capital markets and more important domestic investors as one of the benefits.

The company also mentioned reaching US indices, bolstering its profile in the country, and enabling improved talent recruitment and retention as additional advantages.

Flutter also mentioned some additional benefits that could result from a possible listing of ordinary shares in the United States. Among these benefits is an increase in the overall value of the company’s shares and the chance to go after them.

Before making any official announcements, the Dublin-based company that pushed the reset button on its strategic priorities in 2021 is planning to get shareholder consultations underway as quickly as possible. This will come before the company makes any formal proposals.

The board of directors of Flutter considered the issue to be a “important” one for the company’s shareholders, and they stated their intention to engage in extensive consultation with the shareholders before determining whether or not they should initiate a formal resolution that would ask for official approval.

This would take precedence over the intention to offer a modest investment in the FanDuel brand, provided that the proposal will obtain “broad shareholder support.”

Because the US FanDuel brand was rapidly expanding into the company’s most lucrative industry, the choice had to be made quickly. In the same statement that was sent to shareholders, the company said that FanDuel could become the company’s most valuable and profitable business if the trends that have been seen continue.

Flutter Looks to Bolster US Gaming Market Expansion

Flutter is dedicated to continuing to provide and defend “gold medal positions in existing businesses” while also continuing to cultivate an innovative mindset that will assist it in capitalizing on future opportunities.

As a result, as part of its new strategy, the company has established four new pillars, which are as follows: Grow, Invest, Build, and Future.

The organization, which is a responsible global leader and puts sustainability at the center of everything it does, also came up with a brand-new plan for sustainability called the Positive Impact Plan.

After an appropriate amount of time has passed, Flutter will make the findings of the consultation public. In December 2016, the organization made the announcement that responsible gambling would continue to be one of its top priorities.

A report that was released at the beginning of the year suggested that the sports betting and gaming conglomerate might be searching for a new executive chairman to take over for Gary McGann.

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