Pace-O-Matic’s Skill Games Will Stay in Pennsylvania After Court Ruling  

Pace-O-Matic’s Skill Games Will Stay in Pennsylvania After Court Ruling  


Pace-O-Matic (POM), a company that makes skill gaming machines, recently bragged about winning a big court case. As a result, its skill games products can still be used in the Pennsylvania gaming market.

After many machines and tens of thousands of dollars in cash were taken from two different companies, the gaming company based in Duluth, Georgia, was able to make a strong case for its side.

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The court determined that the titles offered by POM do not constitute games of chance and, as a result, do not break any laws.

This recent case indicates that these devices are most likely here to stay and will continue to be a source of dispute in Pennsylvania because of their rapid spread over the past several years.

A search warrant was executed by law enforcement in October 2021 at the Fill and Fly gas station and Smokin’ Joe’s tobacco shop in Stroudsburg.

Following the seizure of 13 skill gaming machines and $36,000 in cash by the authorities, two separate firms decided to join forces and file a lawsuit against the Commonwealth in an effort to retrieve their seized equipment.

Following the subsequent court action, it was determined that the seizures had been unjustified and that none of the companies had violated any laws.

The judge, Jennifer Harlacher Sibum, came to the conclusion that the gadgets qualified as lawful games of skill rather than games of chance, and that they were to be returned to the individuals who were legally entitled to possess them. POM now has a far more firm legal foundation on which to build its business as a result of the court’s decision.

The unexpected increase in the number of skill game cabinets across the state of Pennsylvania has sparked a significant amount of anxiety.

A lobbying group in the state of Pennsylvania known as Pennsylvanians Against Gaming Expansion has made repeated presentations to state politicians in the Keystone State, urging them to take a tougher position on games of skill.

They claim that the cabinets have a direct effect on the sales of scratch cards, that they are mostly uncontrolled, and that they take money away from a variety of state initiatives, such as those that are intended for seniors.

Skill Games: A Big Addition to Pennsylvania’s Gambling Market

On the other side, representatives from POM argued that their machines were a big boon to the economy of Pennsylvania and that they were responsible for the creation of over 200 new jobs.

According to the developer, skill game cabinets were an essential addition to the revenue of many different kinds of small enterprises.

A representative for POM, Mike Barley, said that the company was always willing to work with the state on any new laws that might be passed.

The producer of skill games was overjoyed by the court’s ruling, which makes it substantially more difficult for anyone in the future to attempt to destabilize their footing in Pennsylvania.

POM makes it a point to highlight the community-focused work that it does by frequently highlighting local entrepreneurs and providing information on a variety of charitable organizations.

Several times, the company has been able to prove that its products and services are legitimate.

This means that its presence in the Pennsylvania gambling market will continue to grow in the years to come.

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