CGT Executive Tullio Marchionne Gets Nevada Gaming Commission’s Nod

CGT Executive Tullio Marchionne Gets Nevada Gaming Commission’s Nod

The Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC)’s October 24 session covered a host of crucial topics for the regulator. After the meeting, the group agreed to fundraise lottery rules and approved a license for an executive working at a company fined previously.

New decisions by the company

The NGC has made some important, but controversial decisions in recent times. For instance, it has now allowed all charitable lotteries that do not have a cash prize to allow participation of minors (young people under 18 years of age). All commissioners voted unanimously to lower the age limit, giving in to the demands of charities that depend extensively on young volunteers that help with fundraising. Chief among these charities were Nevada Bighorns Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

CGT Executive Tullio Marchionne Gets Nevada Gaming Commission’s Nod

These entities were worried that the recent May 2019 regulations are hurting their prospects. However, other rules related to bingo, poker and blackjack will remain as is. This means that charitable events for these activities will continue to prohibit people under 21 years of age from participating. The National Center for Responsible Gaming was trying to push the commission to avoid lowering the age limit. It feared that exposing younger participants to charitable lottery events will lead to issues with problem gambling.

New license for tainted firm executive

The commission also approved a new license for a CG Technology LLC executive Tullio Marchionne. She is the deputy general counsel and chief compliance officer for the company. Her name was unanimously recommended in the October 9 meeting of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The company, which runs several sportsbooks at Silverton, Tropicana, Palms, Hard Rock Hotel, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Palazzo, and Venetian is well known for its sloppy execution.

Last year, the company was also fined $2 million for making incorrect payouts, past post wagers and offering bets outside of the state of Nevada. In 2016, it was fined twice of $1.5 million and $12 million, and in 2014 it was fined $5.5 million. The commission firmly believes that Marchionne has helped in correcting the problems at her company. They approved her license unanimously and hoped that she would be able to change the work culture at her company, especially as her new compliance team takes over control.

Nevada Gaming Commission also refused to ban sports from killing events which sparked another controversy as several animal rights activists opposed their decision.

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