Reopening Businesses a Priority for Nevada Coronavirus Task Force

Reopening Businesses a Priority for Nevada Coronavirus Task Force

The coronavirus task force of the state of Nevada is focusing on reopening businesses and improving testing capabilities. Led by Jim Murren, the former CEO of MGM Resorts, the task force earlier focused on obtaining personal protective equipment (PPE).

Murren left MGM to head the task force

Murren’s planned departure from the casino operator was expedited in March when he undertook the task of heading the coronavirus task force. He suggests that while the agency was earlier focusing on obtaining PPEs, it is now pivoting to improving testing capabilities of the state while ensuring that businesses reopen. This would help people feel safer and bring some normalcy to the state. This will also be useful in improving contact tracing for the officials so new cases can be identified sooner.

Reopening Businesses a Priority for Nevada Coronavirus Task Force

He said, “That’s an essential building block toward restarting our economy.”

A few weeks ago, he said that the state’s health system can conduct less than 1,000 tests per day. However, their goal is to be able to do about 30,000 tests per day by June 1. The state has reported 5,426 cases of COVID-19 and 262 deaths.

Safety is a top priority

Gov. Steve Sisolak’s COVID-19 Response, Relief & Recovery Task Force is set to mobilize the private sector which could help Nevada in tackling this unprecedented situation. The agency has moved quickly to get all PPEs and other supplies in order to slowdown the spread of the virus. Phil Satre, the chairman of Wynn Resorts is also a part of the eight-member task force.

The agency received over $10 million in donations within the first week of its formation. This helped them buy PPEs, 100 gallons of hand sanitizer, and a million pieces each of masks, medical gowns, and gloves. Now that the agency feels it is adequately equipped, it is shifting its focus to other important matters.

One of their most important concerns is to get businesses back up. It is collaborating with the Nevada Chamber of Commerce and other trade organizations and unions to ensure that businesses reopen. However, they aim to develop best practices and safety instructions to prevent the spread of the virus.

A survey from Piplsay research suggests that 64% of respondents do not want the President to reopen the economy in May. Murren also believes that the state does not have adequate testing capabilities to take this bold step.

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