Wynn Resorts Could Furlough Some Staffers in Vegas

Wynn Resorts Could Furlough Some Staffers in Vegas

Decreasing revenue and the ongoing pandemic situation in Sin City could lead to Wynn Resorts furloughing some of its staffers. A recent report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal suggests that the company’s “all-hands” meeting held earlier in the day has come to this conclusion.

Weeks long evaluation comes to an end

Michael Weaver, the spokesperson for Wynn told Review-Journal,

“After seven weeks of evaluation and operating in this new business environment, we are now aligning the number of employees needed to serve the current number of Las Vegas visitors.”

The operator has not disclosed the number of employees that it plans to furlough. It has also not disclosed which of the two integrated resorts that it owns will be experiencing a higher number of staff furloughs.

Wynn Resorts Could Furlough Some Staffers in Vegas

Earlier today, Circus Circus revealed that it will be laying off 252 employees starting September 1. This is happening even as Nevada casinos opened their doors to guests in early June. The three-month-long shutdown because of the coronavirus was devastating for the industry. However, the operating environment has not been normal since the reopening.

Nevada casinos in trouble

Even though the reopening was celebrated far and wide, the casinos in Nevada have been facing issues. The number of COVID-19 cases has been rising in the state. The casinos are following strict health and safety regulations like eliminating some amenities, removing dining options, and taking out mask guidelines for the users. However, the state is still on the brink of another shutdown because of the pandemic. This month, Governor Steve Sisolak ordered all taverns, pubs, and bars that don’t serve food to shut down once again.

Gaming companies are facing a double whammy of uncertainty and falling revenues as social distancing and reduced operating capacities become the new normal for them. In this situation, they are also being forced to operate with a smaller number of staff workers. The airline capacity has also been reduced because of the pandemic. Because of this, many patrons may simply choose to visit their regional gaming hubs instead of flying to Vegas.

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