Circa Resort in Downtown Vegas Keeps ‘Vegas Vickie’ Neon Cowgirl

Circa Resort in Downtown Vegas Keeps ‘Vegas Vickie’ Neon Cowgirl

The Vegas Vickie neon sign is one of the most iconic sights of Las Vegas, located at Fremont Street. The sign is now moving to a new casino in downtown Las Vegas where it would continue bringing the glory of neon Vegas back.

Circa’s new casino to feature the sign

The sign will be displayed at Circa’s new casino. On its website, the company announced that Vegas Vickie will now reside in the casino with her white, fringed outfit. It wrote that the sign will unite “old and new Vegas in never-before-seen ways.” The company also shared a picture of the restored neon classic on its Instagram page last weekend.

Circa Resort in Downtown Vegas Keeps ‘Vegas Vickie’ Neon Cowgirl

Vegas Vickie was first installed in 1980 on Fremont Street at Bob Stupak’s Glitter Gulch Casino. The casino later turned into a strip club but retained the sign till 2017. The sign was removed after Circa owner Derek Stevens’ efforts as he was building a new resort around that area. It is the first hotel-casino to be built from scratch in the downtown Las Vegas region in the last 40 years.

Circa building resort in a historic place

The new Circa casino is being built on one of the oldest and most historic streets of downtown Vegas. The street was once the stronghold of casinos and hosted gaming pioneers like Benny Binion, a former Texas outlaw. Portions of the street, including Circa’s location, were converted into a canopied pedestrian mall about 26 years ago and named the Fremont Street Experience.

Meanwhile, Vegas Vickie continues to receive love and support from the people. Her picture had over 2,500 likes by Monday as she carried her holstered pistol, her boots, and cowgirl hat. In 1994, Vickie married another Fremont Street landmark, cowboy Vegas Vic, who also continues to be on the street.

Circa is planning to begin its operation in at least two phases. The gaming location will be opened in October 2020 while several hotel rooms will be opened slowly by the end of the year.

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