Loto-Quebec to Work Under New Casino Working Hours

Loto-Quebec to Work Under New Casino Working Hours

Loto-Quebec recently announced new casino working hours for the operation of casino venues and gambling halls.  The new announcement suggests changes in the opening hours of gaming properties in the province.

Protection for casino staff

The new guidelines have been released to help protect the casino staff members who are dealing with the public regularly for long working hours. The Crown Corporation has worked most proactively to ensure that they act swiftly and work in a flexible way to create a safer space for their staff members. In its latest announcements, it touched upon sensitive issues in four casinos and two gambling halls in the province.

Loto-Quebec to Work Under New Casino Working Hours

The newest announcement is designed to tackle the recent developments of the pandemic situation. With the new announcements in working hours, it would become mandatory for gambling hotspots to close business at midnight. This will limit the time players spend on their properties. This week, Salon de Jeux de Quebec and Casino de Montreal adopted new measures to protect their employees. Both have introduced new opening hours starting September 21.

Casino de Montreal was open around the clock before the pandemic situation unfolded. Guests were welcome on their property at any time of the day. This helped their gambling revenue to stay high and support the communities as well as gaming hotspots. There is no timeline for when new announcements of relaxations in current guidelines will be available.

What about other properties?

Three other casinos and one gambling hall in the province will also be working with a new schedule. There will also be changes to alcohol sales. Alcohol sales were limited to restaurants only after casinos and gaming halls reopened in summer. This was because of face masks mandate on casino floors. However, with the latest change to guidelines, businesses will be able to sell drinks to users up to 11 pm.

The new rules fall in line with the traditional switch off times for video lottery terminals. They have shut down at midnight since July 10 this year. Bingo gaming in the province began on July 3.

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