Max Entertainment signs up for Neccton’s player protection tool

Max Entertainment signs up for Neccton’s player protection tool

Max Entertainment has given their player protection capability an upgrade following a deal with Neccton, the company announced in a press release on Wednesday.

Improved Player Protection

Max Entertainment, which operates online casino SlottyVegas and the VulkanBet brand, puts itself in a position to benefit from Neccton’s mentor player protection and data analysis software.

Neccton has been assisting its clients with the help of an A.I-based tool capable of monitoring possible responsible gaming violations, as well as providing solutions to the issue.

The service provider’s mentor player protection tool also tracks specific data that may indicate that somebody is overspending, chasing losses, in-session deposits, failed deposits, and canceled withdrawals. Once the tool identities an anomalous activity or glitch in the system, it will instantly alert the operator in order to prevent further harm.

In addition, the solution can also interact with players through customized messages. The A.I-based tool will then details changes in play or overspending and feed players information that would help them to assess their own behavior in comparison to the player base.

Key Executives on the Deal

Ion Minca, MaxEnt head of product, said: “Player safety is of paramount importance when gambling and we at MaxEnt are striving to stay at the very forefront of player protection-related advancements.”

“Partnering with Neccton helps us do just that, granting us the ability to add additional layers of protection for our players.

Dr. Michael Auer, Neccton director and head of development, commented:

“As we continue to explore emerging markets while bolstering our position in current ones, our commitment to provide a safe, secure, and high-quality service remains stronger than ever and our partnership with Neccton reflects this perfectly.”

“We started our research in gambling 15 years ago and have published multiple academic studies in the area of player tracking and responsible gaming.

“We have also shown that players who gamble responsibly are more loyal and the customer lifetime is significantly longer. We are proud to assist millions of players across dozens of brands worldwide.”


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