FaucetPay presents Pasino – the newest gambling experience out there

FaucetPay presents Pasino – the newest gambling experience out there

FaucetPay is a top micropayment wallet and earnings platform known in the cryptocurrency world for its professionalism, reliability, and innovative ways in which crypto users can get cryptocurrency.

And after the extraordinary success of FaucetPay, the founding team took a step forward and came up with a new project meant to bring an original touch to the crypto gambling world.

That project is Pasino.

FaucetPay Pasino for bitcoin casino enthusiasts

What is Pasino?

Pasino.com is the new casino and gambling platform brought to light by FaucetPay’s founder.

It’s a brand new platform that adopts a futuristic view on gambling in order to offer players an excellent recreational gambling experience. It’s a casino for everyone. 

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, gamers, and passionate gamblers are all welcome to Pasino to explore the new view the project offers. And that is the old concepts of gambling intertwined with new ideas and simplicity, straightforwardness, and transparency.

With Pasino, you can always check where the community gathers to play and how active the platform is.

As for activity, although the casino has launched only recently, 5,000 existing FaucetPay members already registered on Pasino to explore the new earning opportunities the project comes with.

Pasino.com earning opportunities

In terms of earning opportunities, casual players have several options. 

It starts with game prediction and dice rolling games and goes to the extent of referral programs and wager mining.

When it comes to games, Pasino is currently offering 3 games, with more to come later on.

The first game is called Crash.

Crash is a simple and entertaining prediction game in which users have to guess the number a rocket-like object can get up to. And for those that guess correctly, that number serves as a multiplier for their bet.

Next is Hash Dice. 

Every recreational crypto gamer has heard and seen how a Bitcoin dice game works. Pasino strives to take the game to the next level with a simpler, more user-driven interface. In Pasino’s Hash Dice, the players gamble if the slot will give them a higher or lower number than the one proposed by the betting option.

Then comes Plinko. 

The classic game inspires the Plinko gambling game offered by Pasino with the same name.

At the start of each round, users bet some crypto to launch a chip that will fall on a multiplier. In the end, the player receives his bet multiplied by the number the chip fell on.

But what’s more impressive is the feature that allows the player to have a laid-back approach to the games. Pasino incorporates in each game an auto feature users can set to enter rounds automatically.

But the earning opportunities don’t stop with the games. The Pasino community can take profit from the affiliate program as well. Any player can invite friends into the games and earn additional rewards on each bet the referred users play.

For Crash, a referer earns 0.3%, for Plinko 0.1%, and for Dice 0.5%.

And besides the affiliate program, the Passino users also have Wager Mining.

Wager Mining is an earning opportunity offered by the project to its registered users in which players earn 0.07 FEY for the equivalent in cryptocurrency of each $1 played in games.

FEY and other cryptocurrencies 

FEY is an ERC20 token native to the Feyorra dapp.

The token can be used for staking and liquidity mining but is also massively used for playing games on Pasino.com.

40% of the Feyorra token initial supply is to be distributed through Wager Mining. Players only have to place bets on Pasino and FaucetPay in order to mine FEY.

FEY is the primary cryptocurrency operating on Pasino.com, but the platform does not limit its users to that only. Therefore, as can be seen on the latest bets table from the homepage of Pasino, the platform accepts multiple cryptocurrencies.

Some of the cryptos accepted on the platform are BTC, USDT, LITECOIN, TRON, and DOGE.

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