Bragg Selects Gaming Laboratories International for Advisory Services

Bragg Selects Gaming Laboratories International for Advisory Services

Bragg Gaming Group has selected Gaming Laboratories International to provide a broad range of services that include testing, audit, and regulatory services as additional tittles of Vibra Gaming’s secure regulatory and licensing approvals. Gaming Laboratories International is expected to provide a wide range of services such as pre-compliance testing and compliance testing of the igaming products and/or sports betting systems, technical standards support and regulatory advisory services, support, consultation, and technical assistance to Bragg Gaming Group.

Benefits of the deal

Bragg Gaming seeks to benefit from the standing and well-known expertise of Gaming Laboratories International in the markets in the United States and it is, therefore, possible to see that the decision to collaborate with Gaming Laboratories International wasn’t very difficult to make for Bragg Gaming.

Gaming Laboratories International is already working closely with Spin Games, a company that is widely expected to be acquired by Bragg Gaming Group in the very near future as per a previous announcement. According to Chief Technology Officer of Bragg Gaming, Peter Lavric, Bragg Gaming has already completed the process of integration with Spin Games which will assist in technically facilitating the distribution of the exclusive games of Bragg Gaming such as Oryx Hub that are regulated in the United States through Spin Games.

The acquisition of pin Games will further enable Bragg Gaming to further its business interests in United States, Canada, and Europe through a better understanding of gaming market intelligence needs and compliance and regulatory requirements. Even as the deal with Spin Games is pending on account of pending approvals from regulatory authorities, the relationship with Gaming Laboratories International is an important aspect of the process of expansion in the United States.

Raul Bouchot, Senior Account Executive at Gaming Laboratories International mentioned that taking into consideration the strengths of Bragg Gaming and Oryx, its subsidiary, Gaming Laboratories International believes that there is incredible value to the association in that it can provide assistance in Bradd Gaming’s growth trajectory. He further went on to say that Gaming Laboratories International will provide Bragg Gaming with a number of services such as integrated compliance services that are illustrative as regards the wide array of services provided by Gaming Laboratories International.

Vibra Gaming

Vibra Gaming has added a number of titles such as Spin Jones, Wild Gems, Clover Fantasy, The Crystal Skull, and Popeye Slots after the addition of the titles of The Phantom and Spin Island. Vibra Gaming CEO, Ramiro Atucha noted that Vibra Gaming issue is that it is on the correct path that was started last year and the plan is going at a pace that is faster than expected. Ramiro Atucha mentioned that the team is very talented and is capable of creating games of a certain quality that meet the highest standards internationally and examples of this are the six GLI- approved titles. Ramiro Atucha stated that more titles would be added as part of the strategy to make Vibra as the market leader in the industry.

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